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Washing Line Machines Pre-washer Pre-washer – PW Series
Pre-washer – PW Series
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  • Pre-washer – PW Series

    Pre-treatment for Waste Washing

    • Simple structure.
    • Eliminate contaminants at an early stage.
    • Save power and optimize your workflow
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    Pre-washer removes a large portion of contamination prior to friction washing and sink-float tank.
    It is typically used for raffia, agricultural films and PET/HDPE containers. Prewasher works best with heavily contaminated materials.


    Pre-washer for plastics is composed of a large auger, water infeed and high-torque motor.
    Once the materials enter from the hopper, the auger pushes them forward. During this process, materials are scrubbed against screens and auger in the assistance of water. As a result, contaminants like soils, sands and gravels easily exit from the system.

    Pre-washer top view

    Pre-washer is allowed to handle contaminated materials with a high percentage of metal parts or sands. Thus, pre-washer is generally used as a preliminary washing or primary treatment.


    • Rails on auger prevents auger jams.
    • Discharge soils, gravels, sands and small metal parts, minimizing wear and tear costs for your recycling system.
    • Auto-reverse system re-orients shredder rotor’s direction when motor overload and material jam.

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