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The WISCON Brand

We vitalize wastes for our clients, by our clients, with our clients.

Every day we see and receive different types of materials. We treat them as unique materials and offer case-by-case solutions. Relentlessly looking for the best cost-effective solution is our job, giving waste a second life is another job.

Also, we always listen to our customers. Advice and critics on machines and continuously improve our machines over the years. Thanks to our customers, such optimization creates huge Wiscon advantages on convenience and cost.

We think and stand at your side

With the aim of focusing on what matters to you, Wiscon has always been recently discussing solutions with customers and looking for a cost-effective process for your unique materials. Besides, we prepare popular machine models and spare parts in stock, just in case you are in urgent need.

Together, we develop cutting-edge technologies

We are always committed to the ongoing development and challenges of recycling solutions. In our 50,000 square meter production base, hundred of recycling systems and thousands of shredder and crushers are made annually.

We gain the highest level of satisfaction by producing and delivering the best shredder, crusher and recycling system to every customer.


A briefing of Wiscon Envirotech Inc.?

Wiscon Envirotech is a member of Wensui Group. Wensui was founded in 1990 and focused on plastic molding auxiliary machinery.

Wiscon is a fully independent business and fully inherited philosophy and techniques from Wensui.

Recycling machines are designed and optimized in Canada, while manufactured in China.


Manufacturing location: Guangzhou, China. 10min drive from Wensui.

Employees: 102

Quality system:  ISO 9001:2015

Production area: 20000 m²

Positioning in the market?

Wiscon distinguishes itself by demonstrating know-hows and uncompromised quality. Looking for cost-effective and flexible solutions is also our difference.

Even though 80% of Wiscon components are made in China, we never stop chasing for better quality.

Do you have after-sales service?

Wiscon porducts come with an 1-year warranty, excluding wearing parts like knives and screens.

So far, Wiscon is based in China and there are distributors in Australia and Canada. In these regions, we have technical team ready for dispatch.

Free part replacement and Facetime support are available at any time.

Join Wiscon?

To become our dealer

It is never easy to sell machines, especially gigantic ones. However, Wiscon industrial shredder and waste management machines are globally proven. With our support, we assure you to grow with Wiscon, starting from small.

Please contact [email protected]

To work with us

It is a great opportunity for you to express yourself, show your talents and grow with Wiscon.

We have a dynamic and exciting sales and tech team, with who you can interact with and learn from.

Where to see your running machine?

Annually, we attend at least 10 international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, the U.S.A, Mexico, etc.

In each continent, there are customers using Wiscon machines.

We have a strong global presence, with you.

Corporate Identity

The logo symbolizes the image of a good company that Wiscon seeks to project – a reliable, consistent and sustainable enterprise.

3 dynamic curves represent the moment of rotating knives in shredder and crusher.

The dots at end of the curves and on “i” represent output particles and regrind coming out of the screen. Wiscon responsibly shreds and breaks down your waste.

Fax: +86 20 31133114
Address: Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China