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Shredder Quad Shaft Shredder – Q Series
Quad Shaft Shredder – Q Series
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  • Quad Shaft Shredder – Q Series

    One is not enough, better FOUR.

    • Four shafts.
    • High output and small particle size.
    • One step shredding.
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    Quad shaft shredder(4 shaft shredder) is more advanced than two shaft shredder. Four-shaft shredder is suitable for a variety of bulky objects with unique advantages of uniform size control. The differential speed among 4 rotors create a great benefit in case of overloading and jam.

    Quad Shaft Shredder Application

    MSW, industrial waste, waste tires, automotive waste, waste furniture, wood waste.
    Hazardous waste: chemical drums and totes(IBC), paint drums, waste containers, oil containers
    WEEE: refrigerator, big whites
    Organic waste: Alfafa, straw, agave bagasse, kitchen waste.
    Other hollow and bulky metal or plastic products.

    Shredder Introduction

    Quad shaft shredder covers size reduction and recovery for almost all kinds of material. The main advantage of such versatile shredders is able to effectively crush voluminous and size-various materials as well as to control and produce uniform particle size.

    Four shaft shredders require less space and have a large feed hopper. Low-speed and high-torque technology bring high crushing efficiency with low energy consumption. Knives are not easily damaged even when handling metals and other hard materials. Screens is easy to slide out for replacement.

    Lastly, 4 shafts are driven by 2 motors. We not only ensure the high-torque transmission of each shaft but also make sure no materials get jammed in the crushing chamber of quad shaft shredder. One side of rotors rotate reservely to release tramp materials.

    quad shaft shredder

    Quad shaft shredder rotors

    Four Shaft Shredders Features

    Knife adopts high alloy steel 42CrMo with high strength and toughness.
    Pull-out Screen is easy to installed, maintained and replaced to control grain size.
    Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
    Automatic-reverse system re-orients rotor direction in case of motor overload and material jamming.
    High torque, low speed, low noise and high throughput.

    4 shaft shredder

    Four-Shaft Shredder Screen

    Please refer to other size reduction here: One Shaft Shredder

    Swing Arm – A hydraulic device to force-feed bulky waste against the rotor.

    Special Rotor - 4 types of rotor are available for your specific materials.

    Belt Conveyor – Continuous material infeed and operates dependable on shredder/crusher workload.

    Metal Detector – stops for any foreign objects preventing them from reaching succeeding machines.



    Q800 Q1000 Q1200
    Rotor diameter(mm) 276 276 430
    Rotor working width(mm) 800*800 1000*1000 1200*1200
    Main rotor speed(rpm) 18 20 20
    Auxiliary rotor(rpm) 24 26 26
    Blade thickness(mm) 40 40 40
    Blade qty(PCS) 40 50 60
    Screen opening(mm) Ø80 Ø80 Ø80
    Power(kW) 11+11 22+22 30+30


    2530*1275*1850 2710*1275*1850 3055*1835*2200
    Hopper opening


    1330*1194 1530*1194 1523*1418
    Weight(kg) 2080 2300 4380


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