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HDPE Recycling System
System Solutions HDPE Recycling System
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Post-consumer and Post-industrial plastics from all sources

Intermediate bulk container (IBC)
Shampoo & detergent container
Jerrycan & motor oil bottle
Plastic milk bottle
Wheelie bin
Drum bale

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Hourly output: 500-2000kg

Power consumption: 100-400kWh

Moisture rate: <1%

Output flake: 8-12mm, free of dirt

Number of operators: 2

The global market for HDPE resin is huge, with a market volume of around 30 million tons per year. Many of which are used as containers, bottles, and pipes. HDPE recycling system can process all sources of HDPE waste and turn them into wealth.

HDPE recycling system

From Primary Shredding to Washing

HDPE waste goes into a primary shredder and obtains around 40mm-wide stripes. The plastic drum shredder machine equips a veritcal pusher and a large shredding chamber. Both allow the system process various sizes of drums and containers. Plus, a super high torque gear reducer in conjunction with power-efficient motors ensures plastic tanks can be downsized within 10 seconds.

Following intensive washing with less waster required, the majority of contaminants are spinned away. The cleansed stripes go through a crusher for size reduction and then through a mechanical drying process.

hdpe shredder

HDPE Shredder Machine


In the end, the HDPE recycling system produces 12mm dried and clean flakes, while containment and unwanted like paper labels are removed.

The HDPE washing line developed by Wiscon guarantees processed HDPE flakes are as good as virgin HDPE resin. We circulate the economy, by making HDPE regrind ready for pelletizing or injection molding. You can view more recycling videos here.

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Shredder – Friction Washer – Crusher – Centrifugal Dryer – Air Classifier – Collection Bin

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Once a recycling system is finished, Wiscon tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

HDPE Drum, After Washing System

HDPE Milk Jug, After Washing System

HDPE Container, After Washing System

Wheelie Bin, After Washing System

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