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Crusher Plastic Crusher – CS Series
Plastic Crusher – CS Series
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  • Plastic Crusher – CS Series

    Effective Performance Plus Least Maintenance

    • Small footprint.
    • In-line recycling.
    • Process Wood and Plastics.
    • For objects smaller than 800*400mm.
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    A plastic crusher (plastic grinder) is a very important for in-house recycling. As per customer request, a plastic crusher with a rotor length between 300 and 1500mm produces from 400 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr.

    Plastic Crusher Application

    Plastic lumps, sheets, films, pipes, tails, flashes, bottles, sprues, runners, rejects, etc.

    Plastic Crusher Machine Intro

    A plastic granulator ensures smooth size reduction of plastic and rubbery products, such as ABS, PC, PET, PVC in different forms. The plastic crusher is usually used as fine shredding due to its high rotational speed and sharp blades.

    Featuring robust welded steel construction and small footprint, but during crushing, metal and similar hard foreign objects are not allowed to be disposed of into crushing chamber. 4 rotors are tailored for versatile applications and producing uniform regrind, whose size is determined by screen opening. The plastic crushing machine offers 2 types of rotors: one for soft plastics and the other for hard plastics.

    The resulting regrind can be pneumatically conveyed and collected, forming a simple plastic recycling system with no dust and reduced labour cost.

    Plastic crusher

    Plastic Grinder Rotor

    The rotor is the core of a granulator. Here at Wiscon, tailored to your applications, there are 4 types of rotors available:

    plastic crusher blade granulator blade

    The left is standard, covering downsizing tasks on light plastics (thickness < 5mm) and shredded plastics(40mm by 40mm).
    The right is C-rotor, covering downsizing tasks on hard, thick plastic lumps and purges (thickness > 15mm).
    The other 2 are for plastic film and hollow objects ( e.g. IBC drums and PC bottles).

    The Difference between Granulator Rotor and Others

    Wiscon granulator equips counter blades at 2 positions, front and rear. In bigger models, we have extra blades at the rear.
    Multiple counter blades significantly increase crushing ability, because the materials are locked and shear multiple times.

    granulator disention

    Granulator Side View

    All the rotors are self-made as we do not tolerate OEM. They are interchangeable for easy replacement and upgrade. After welding and machining, the shaft and rotor are heat-treated to strengthen the overall hard and wear-resistant surface.

    granulator rotor in 3D

    Granulator Rotors

    Plastic Grinder Features

    Rotor blades and counter blades adopt D2 steel (60 HRC).
    The main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
    Hopper & screen cradle are hydraulically actuated for easy blade & screen replacement.
    Rotary and counter blades can be re-sharpened, greatly reducing operating costs.
    The screen of the rubber granulator is easily interchangeable.

    Plastic grinder machine

    Plastic Shredder and Grinder

    Please refer to primary size reduction here: One Shaft Shredder

    Side-feed Hopper – Prevents materials flying out from the crushing chamber by adding a side chute. Greatly ease long pipe feeding.

    Swing Arm – A hydraulic device to force-feed bulky waste against the rotor.

    Noise isolation – An extra casing helps reduce machine noise.

    Water-cool - Embed a water pipe to cool down the crushing chamber.

    Flywheel - An additional inertia wheel to increase crushing ability.

    Belt Conveyor – Continuous material infeed and operates dependable on shredder/crusher workload.

    Metal Detector – stops for any foreign objects preventing them from reaching succeeding machines.

    Wet Granulator -  Contaminated plastics are granulated with a large amount of water, resulting in washing and shredding in one step.

     Model CS260 CS360 CS480
    Hopper Opening A×B (mm) 600×260 600×320 800×420
    Rotor Diameter (mm) 260 320 420
    Rotor Speed (RPM) 520 520 520
    Rotor Knife QTY (pcs) 3×2 3×2 3×2
    Counter Knife QTY (pcs) 2×1 2×1 2×1
     Screen Opening (mm) ϕ12
    Motor Power (kW) 15 22 37
    L×W×H Dimension (mm) 1400×1300×1850 1400×1450×2300 2850×2560×2350
    Weight (kg) 1260 1800 2700

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