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Shredder Single Shaft Shredder – P Series
Single Shaft Shredder – P Series
  • P260 Series Single Shaft Shredder
  • P380 Shredder Profile
  • P380 one Shaft Shredder
  • P380 Single Shaft Shredder & Belt Conveyor
  • Single Shaft Shredder – P Series

    All-round & Reliable without Compromise

    • One shaft.
    • Small footprint.
    • Process Wood and Plastics.
    • Used in material waste recycling smaller than 1500mm.
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    Plastic: Plastic lump, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, PE film, PP woven bag, PET bottle
    Wood: industrial waste paper, wood pallet
    Scrap Metal: circuit board, aluminum material, copper material, wire, cable


    P series single shaft shredder is used in small-to-medium material size reducing and waste recycling in various industries.

    Being the smallest single shaft shredder in our product line, it mainly handles plastic lumps and products, wood, paper wastes to obtain uniform particle size. Features low speed, high torque and compact structure. In a harsh environment, shredder machines can maintain good stability and reliability. Wiscon’s unique screen and 4 types of shredder rotor can be selected according to material characteristics.

    Single Shaft Shredder Rotor

    Shredder Machines Features

    Rotor knife adopts DC53 steel and counter knife adopts D2 steel.
    Extra Pusher Ram is optional for hollow and gigantic materials.
    Auto-reverse system re-orients rotor direction when motor overload & material jam.
    The main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
    Easy access to shredder machines rotor and screen, and quick to change them.
    Rotor knives can be used 2 times before replaced, reducing operating costs.
    Several models of the screen are available and easily interchangeable.
    Guide rail and pusher can be replaced and are adjustable to maintain a smooth push and retract as well as to keep crushing chamber fully closed.

    Half Enclosed Hopper – Prevents materials flying out from shredding chamber by adding a roof.

    Swing Arm – A hydraulic device to force-feed bulky waste against the rotor.

    Belt Conveyor – Continuous material infeed and operates dependable on shredder/crusher workload.

    Metal Detector – stops for any foreign objects preventing them from reaching succeeding machines.

     Model P260 P380 P3120 P3150
    Shredding Chamber (mm) 500 × 580 850 × 800 850 × 1200 850 × 1400
     Rotor Diameter (mm) 230 390 390 390
    Rotor Speed (RPM) 75 75 85 85
     Pusher Stroke (mm) 500 850 850 850
    Screen Opening (mm) ϕ40 ϕ40 ϕ40 ϕ40
     Motor Power (kW) 18.5 37 55 75
    Hydraulic Station Power (kW) 1.5 3.7 5.5 5.5
    L×W×H Dimension (mm) 1760×1300×1850 2850×1760×2210 2850×2560×2330 2850×2760×2330
    Weight (kg) 1750 4150 5300 5900

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