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    Get Away the Dirt

    • Small footprint.
    • Effectively remove persistent contaminants from plastics.
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    Highly contaminated materials such as plastic flakes and plastic films. Contaminants include paper and plastic labels, dirt, sands, and grease.


    Friction washer for plastic is to clean contaminated materials coming from a granulator. The working principle is based on mechanical friction and centrifugal force, just like a laundry machine.

    friction separator

    Friction washer consists of a high-speed rotor, enclosed by detachable screens. A high-speed rotor ensures materials fully “scrubbed” and “beat” inside the screens. Multiple nozzles spray water to the screens to constantly unclog the screens. Contaminants and dirty water are then discharged via holed screens and collected at the bottom.

    The friction separator is 45 degrees slanted to maximize the friction and bring out impurities and contaminants. Wiscon Envirotech understands getting rid of contaminants increases your product values. Thus, our cutting-edge and robust design aims to reach this goal by realizing the highest possible friction washing efficiency.

     Friction washer discharge Friction washer screen

    Features of Friction Washer

    Screens are easy to change.
    Material-contact parts made of stainless steel.
    Stable operation as the rotor conducted dynamic balance.
    Several kinds of screens are optional for different materials.
    Snap-open enclosure eases the maintenance.
    Special water spray design and high-speed rotor ensure the best cleaning effect.
    Equipped with an electromagnetic switch for a direct start-up.

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