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Shredder Pre-shredder – PC Series
Pre-shredder – PC Series
  • Pre-shredder 1-1
  • Pre-crusher 2-2
  • Pre-shredder 3-3
  • debaler 4-4
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  • Pre-shredder – PC Series

    Pre-treatment for Waste Management

    • Simple structure.
    • Best for debaling mixture of waste.
    • Saves labour for early-stage treatment.
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    A pre-shredder (pre-crusher) is suitable for the pre-shredding and working as a debaler of particularly bulky or voluminous materials in bales.

    Pre-shredder Applications

    A mixture of domestic and industrial waste
    Mattresses and textiles
    Pressed bales of scrap
    Plastic waste and plastic rolls
    End-of-life car and truck tires

    Debaler Introduction

    Pre-shredder is composed of a large diameter rotor, large size tooth and high torque motor.
    Other than featuring rotor and tooth, the low-speed rotor is mainly suitable for handling bulky and non-homogeneous materials such as agricultural films, woven bags and textiles in rolls or bales.

    This debaler is allowed to handle contaminated materials with a high percentage of metal parts or sands. However, the size of the output materials is about palm size. Thus, pre-crusher is generally used as a debaler, a preliminary size reduction or primary treatment.


    Preshredder Features

    • High stability and quiet.
    • Enlarged tooth(knives) for increasing contact surface.
    • Hardfacing shaft is resistant to impact and abrasion.
    • Discharge stones, sands and small metal parts, minimizing wear and tear costs.
    • Auto-reverse system re-orients shredder rotor’s direction when motor overload and material jam.


    Please refer to secondary size reduction here: One Shaft Shredder

    View more video here: Washing Line

    • Belt Conveyor - Continuous material infeed and operates dependable on shredder/crusher workload.
    • Metal Detector - stops for any foreign objects preventing them from reaching succeeding machines.

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