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Biomass Chipper

September 1, 2022     News

The biomass chipper is a machine that can produce wood chips from farm waste, organic waste, logs, forest residues and sawmill residues. Businesses that want to convert waste into alternative energy (energy production) can use this machine to create a continuous supply of fuel. The resulting materials, featuring uniform size and high carloric value, are an alternative fuel for the boiler and furnace.

Biomass chipper is a single-shaft shredder or a double-shaft shredder that size-reduces biomass into chips from 40mm to 100mm. This is a new geneartion of waste to energy. It is designed according to European standards and built with durable materials and robust construction. The high-end Biomass Chipper is developed based on years of experience making it a reliable opeartion and easy to maintain.

A high throughput at 10+ ton/h requires double-shaft shredder. However, if the output size matters, a single-shaft chipper is more useful.

biomass chipper

Waste to Energy machine

Biomass chipper is a machine that size-reduces MSW/SRF/RDF, farm waste, organic waste, food waste, logs, and sawmill residues. It is developed with 33-year experience in energy industry and is built to last. The output size suits many applications such as pallet production or the incineration of solid fuels.

How Biomass Chipper Works

Biomass Chipper is a pre-shredding machine that converts various kinds of biomass into uniform size materials which are perfect for pallet production or incineration (energy reproduction). The machine has simple structure. The biomass is down sized between rotory blades and a comb-shapedcountter blades. The biomass chipper is fitted with a hydraulic pressure pusher, which feeds the material towards the rotor. The output of the biomass shredder depends on screen size. It is fitted with electronics monitoring the set overload with automatic motor reverse. The camera allows users to inspect the machine without having to open it up.

Biomass shredder in opeartion

The maintenance of such machine is easier than you think. The blades replacement require low cost. The blade replacement take 3min for one piece on single shaft shredder. Even for double shaft shredder, we build splined shaft so the blades can be pullout easily.

Alternative Energy from Biomass

Other than just one biomass chipper, Wiscon provides total design on RDF, TDF and SRD plant. Here is a video taken on site of a RDF plant.

We offer an integrated solution for converting large quantities of biomass into small chip sizes that are ready for shipping, processing or use as fuel. Wiscon technology on biomass energy paves the way for sustainable alternative energy sources by converting biomass into usable fuels.



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