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Shredder Shredder-crusher Combined – CT Series
Shredder-crusher Combined – CT Series
  • CT400 Shredder-crusher combined Side
  • CT400 Shredder-crusher combined Front
  • CT400c Shredder-crusher combined
  • CT600 Shredder-crusher combined
  • Shredder-crusher Combined – CT Series

    2-in-1 Keeps 1 Step Ahead

    • Small Footprint
    • Cost-effective
    • Process Plastics.
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    Shredder-Crusher Combined Applications

    Plastic lumps, flushes and defects.

    Machine Intro

    CT series is a combination of shredder and crusher in a single unit.
    Shredder-Crusher Combined processes input material like purgings and bulky objects to the desired granule size in two stages. From lumps to 40mm shredded particles, to 10mm regrind, our proven size reduction technology produces uniform regrind that is immediately ready for reuse.
    Without a conveyor between shredder and crusher, the compact design saves up to 65% space for your factory. The integrated shredder and crusher with Smart Control guarantee energy-saving and continuous operation.

    Shredder-crusher Combined Shredder-crusher two in 1

    Shredder-Crusher Combined Features

    • Space-saving and investment-minimized, compared to the individual shredder, granulator and conveyor.
    • One-step size reduction to desired final output size.
    • Slanted pusher ram ensures continuous operation & eliminates residual materials.
    • Auto-reverse system re-orients shredder rotor’s direction when motor overload and material jam.
    • Shredder rotor knife adopts DC53 and crusher knife adopts Cr12MoV.
    • Shredder and crusher are individually driven for better control.
    • Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.

    Please refer to secondary size reduction here: Industrial Shredder

    • Cyclone collection - quick material reclaimed with no dust and reduced labour.
    • Belt Conveyor - Continuous material infeed and operates dependable on shredder/crusher workload.
    • Metal Detector - stops for any foreign objects preventing them from reaching succeeding machines.

    Model CT400 CT600
    Output (kg/h) 250-350 400-500
     Infeed Hopper (mm) 400 × 600 600 × 800
    H1 Infeed Hopper Height (mm) 1700 1950
    Rotor Diameter (mm) 250 250
    Output Size (mm) 12 12
    Motor Power (kW) 11+11+0.75 18.5+18.5+1.5
     Number of shredder rotary knife 16+2 26+4
    Number of shredder counter knife 1 2+2
    Number of crusher rotary knife 6 6
    Number of crusher counter knife 2 2
    L×W×H Dimension (mm) 1430 × 1150 × 2280 1470 × 1450 × 2830
    Weight (kg) 2100 2800

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