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Shredder Double Shaft Shredder Two Shaft Shredder – DL Series
Two Shaft Shredder – DL Series
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  • Two Shaft Shredder – DL Series

    Exceptionally High Torque to Smash it All

    • Two shafts
    • High production
    • Processing is less than 2000 * 2000mm
    • Used for the recycling of small and medium-sized waste materials.
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    This sturdy two shaft shredder (2 shaft shredder) is designed for longevity and versatility; along with hazardous waste, the primary shredder economically processes sheet metal, electronic scrap, sheet metal barrels, all sorts of containers for liquids.


    RDF (Refuse-Derived-Fuel): MSW, industry waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpet, textiles
    Metal Scraps: Aluminum, ferrous, non-ferrous, steel drums, waste automotive
    Electronics: WEEE, electronic equipment, waste household appliances
    Plastic: Drums, lumps, films

    Primary Shredder Intro

    DL series twin shaft shredder is designed for higher shredding requirements. DL equips with sturdy welded steel construction, increased size of crushing chamber, optimized feeding hopper, greater torque, realizing a higher throughput. This series is effectively processing tough and bulky materials and materials in bale (with slight foreign objects). Because two shaft shredder is screenless, it is often used as a primary shredder, and the blade thickness determines shredded particle size.

    metal shredder

    Two Shaft Shredder Features

    Knife adopts premium alloy steel 42CrMo with high strength and toughness.
    Blade of D-rotor and OM rotor adopts D2 steel, and knife adopts 42CrMo steel.
    Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
    The rotors are independently driven by motors.
    Auto-reverse system re-orients rotor direction when motor overload & material jam.
    Pusher Ram is optional for hollow and gigantic materials.

    2 shaft shredder

    Your Advantages

    Not only a single machine, Wiscon Envirotech provides you with a complete solution, including an integrated shredding.  Various customizations for motor drives, motor power, blade types and blade configuration, we will guide you to select the best-fit solution for your application.

    • Motor drives: mechanical, hydraulic and electromechanical (VFD)
    • Motor power: from 30 to 200 kW
    • Blades: easy replacement blades or standard disk blades. Blades’s width and materials like Hardox are up to your call.

    metal shedder machine

    Please refer to secondary size reduction here: One Shaft Shredder

    Available in hydraulic drive or VSF.

    Swing arm - a  hydraulic device that forcibly feeds large volumes of garbage into crushing chamber.

    Special rotors - four rotors are available for your specific material.

    Belt conveyor - continuous feeding, its operation depends on the workload of the crusher/crusher.

    Metal Detector - Stop any foreign objects to prevent them from entering subsequent machines.

    Model DL4130 DL4150 DL5150 DL5180 DL6150 DL6180 DL6220
    Crushing chamber(mm) 1300×995 1500×995 1500×1150 1800×1150 1500×1450 1800×1450 2200×1450
    Rotor diamrter(mm) 515 515 610 610 750 750 750
    Rotor speed(RPM) 8.3 8.3 7.5 7.5 6.3 6.3 6.3
    Blade thickness(mm) 50/75/100
    Rotor knife qty(pcs) 13/26/17/ 15/20/15 15/20/15 36/24/18 15/20/15 36/24/18 44/29/22
    Moter Power(kW) 30 + 30 37 + 37 45 + 45 55 + 55 75 + 75 90 + 90 110 + 110
    L×W×H Dimension(mm) 4590×2210×2600 4890×2210×2600 5150×2270×2600 6340×2610×4000 6993×3045×4000 7110×3342×4000 7986×3284×3760
    Weight(KG) 9500 11000 24000 27700 27000 32000 38000

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