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System Solutions Bulky Waste Shredding System
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Bring them in regardless of the size

Municipal Solid Waste
Construction Waste
Disposed Furniture
Old Mattress
Plumbing Fixture
Industrial Waste
Home Appliance

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Hourly output: 500-5000kg

Power consumption: 100-200kWh

Output size: 40-100mm

Number of operators: 1

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Bulky waste recycling is difficult to handle due to its large volume and high unit weight. Solid waste that is too large to be accepted by waste collection often ends up in streets and landfills. However, it contains a myriad of useful materials for recovery and sell-on. Secondly, bulky waste without shredding is hard to move, incurring a high transportation cost.

Wiscon Envirotech has foreseen these 2 problems and offered an incredible solution for bulk waste treatment. An early size reduction is a key, so we simplify bulky waste recycling thanks to a Bulky Waste Shredding System.

In the first step of the Bulky Waste Shredding System, a metal conveyor conveys stream materials to a shredder. The heavy-duty shredder with a wide-open hopper and shredding chamber is ideal for receiving and tearing down large objects. The special design of the blades and rotor allow to control the size of the material, resulting in 60mm by 60mm particles or stripes.

Bulky Waste Shredding System  Bulky Waste recycling System

With a smaller output size, the waste is more efficient to be processed: separating and sorting can be executed more accurately and reclaiming more useful materials like metals and recyclable plastics. Adds-on like granulator, metal separator and sink-float tank is integrable to Bulky Waste Shredding System.

The final materials are downsized and thus easy to transport, manually sort and to be processed by recycling systems. Also, the final material is a good source of alternative fuel (RDF).

In the past 2 decades, Wiscon Envirotech’s designs and builds Bulky Waste Shredding System with focuses on higher capacity, higher output quality and lower costs. You can view more recycling videos here.

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Work Flow” alignment=”left” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:20px;” main_heading_style=”font-weight:bold;”]Metal Conveyor – Industrial Shredder (Usually Pre-Shredder) – Metal Separator – Secondary Shredding (Double Shaft Shredder) – Collection Bin

The whole system comes with dust collection system.[/ultimate_heading]

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Once a bulky waste shredding system is finished, Wiscon tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

Organic Waste

Fabric and Leather


Industrial Waste (e.g. mixture of trash from industrial park)

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