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News Heavy Duty Granulator

Heavy Duty Granulator

May 21, 2022     News

The CL model of heavy duty granulator is designed for the most challenging and intensive use. The augmented construction can one-step downsizing large plastic scrap, which makes it perfect for in-house recycling with a high capacity.

The 1600mm by 800mm crushing chamber is welded construction with over 100mm wall-thickness. Guarded by wear resistant steels, the crushing chamber can accept materials in different sizes, the bigger the better. Regardless of shapes in rods, pipes, profiles or sheets, the big long hopper can swallow all incoming materials without jams.

The rotor is in arranged in a “V”, which ensures maximum cutting frequency and force per cut. Combining 3 counter blades, (one at the front and two at the back), all materials are trapped and granulated within seconds. Even plastic scrap’s wall-thickness is over 10mm, CL8160 heavy duty crusher can get its job easily done.

heavy duty granulator

CL8160 Plastic Crusher

Depending on the application, there are 2 types of rotors V shape and C shape available. The technologically proven C shape achieves crushing purgings in one step. Combining all features of heavy duty granulator that Wiscontech develops, we aim for reliable one-step size-reduction solution. Alternatively, a shredding system, consisting of an industrial shredder and a granulator, can greatly reduce costs and operational difficulty.

Advantages of Heavy-duty Granulator

  • Heavy duty. Reinforced on all walls, support and rotor.
  • Maximum cutting power. Longer and more blades.
  • Unlimited size. Enlarged the infeed hopper and crushing chamber with a long neck.
  • Strong power. Up to 200kW and adopts drive belts.
  • Triple electrical safety: soft start, amp control and program control.

Features of Design

Cutting chamber
The cutting chambers are entirely made of overdimensioned steel. The chamber is bored to ensure concentricity. The inlined abrasion-resistant plates are replaceable.

The 1600mm wide rotor and shaft are handcrafted and then conducted a dynamic balance to guarantee high-speed stability.

Blades are made of D2 blades whose hardness is 58-59HRC. The V blades are easy to pre-adjust and change with a blade jig.

The heavy duty crusher bearings and the rotor shaft designed with a high safety factor to cater extreme operating conditions. Outbound bearing allows wet granulation.

The screen opening ranges from 6mm to 12mm depending on your need.

Curtains in the hopper prevent plastic regrinds from flying out.

heavy duty grinder heavy duty crusherPlastic mill Granulation

Heavy Duty Crusher Adds-on

Water-cooling: Reduce the temperature of housing and bearing.

Noise-reduction casing: To bring down the noise

Ways of extraction: blower, conveyor or auger.



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