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News Fiberglass Recycling Machine

Fiberglass Recycling Machine

August 23, 2022     News

A fiberglass recycling machine is designed for turning fiberglass waste and fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP) to an usable state in a mechanical way. This shredder machine helps small or big companies to reduce their carbon footprint, save money and make their operations more environmentally responsible.

A fiberglass product, like wind turbine and boat shell, has a high tensile strength. It is not easy to be disintegrated and during shredding, lots of dust are generated.

Thanks to fiberglass crusher, it closes the loop of fiberglass recycling process, from production to disposal, and from collection to size reduction. Our recycling technology can reduce up to 85% of landfill waste from the disposed fiberglass products. Besides, in-house recycling is simple than you think.

Fiberglass Recycling Machine

Fiberglass Disposal Machine

Fiberglass Recycling Machine Video

The video showcases a single-shaft shredder downsizing a big fiberglass composite pipe (70% fiberglass and 30% PP). The machine model is P3150 with 75kW motor. We offer pioneering fiberglass recycling technologies of mechanical destruction.

Double-shaft shredder performs better because it produces less powder and dust. To determine which model of shredder, please consult with our sales engineers.

Other typical applications includes helmets, pipes, furnitures, boats, shells, and turbines.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Shredder Features

A fiberglass shredder equips a big chamber, which accepts oversize object and help move the process along smoothly. Because of physcial characteristics of fiberglass, Wiscon has ensured that our industrial shredder machines have the full capability of safely and efficiently shredding them down to scraps that can be then further processed.

We are a leading industrial shredder manufacturer who specializes in fiberglass reinforced plastic shredding and recycling equipment.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Shredder

No matter what you need, Wiscon is there to provide a comprehensive solution. Our industry-leading technology, innovative design and unmatched customer service are the key factors that keep our customers coming back for more.



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