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News Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic Shredder Machine

May 1, 2020     News

Plastic Shredder Machine is a must-buy for plastic recycling. No matter you are dealing with injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and blow molding, you would face plastic lumps formed during maintenance or manufacturing. This is one of the most common byproducts and wastes of plastic processing.

plastic shredder machine plastic shredding machine

Plastic Shredder Advantages

People give different names to such waste, like plastic purges, plastic lumps and plastic blocks. Here in Wiscon Envirotech, we realize the huge incentive to reclaim plastic purges and lumps using a plastic shredder machine. Instead of selling tons of plastic scrap, the plastic processors can actually recycle and reuse the plastic lumps. Shredding the plastic lumps into smaller regrind at 12mm, which is close to virgin grade.plastic shredder for plastic lumps

How are plastic lumps created?

For thermoforming, the plastic lumps are caused by improper tuning of machines.

Secondly, switching of molds and masterbatch, as well as purging, can form lots of plastic lumps.

Thirdly, in the process of injection molding, runners, purges, trims and rejects are the main source of plastic scraps.

Overall, plastic production involves changes and interruptions often generated plastic lumps.

If the waste material is pure, for example, no metal waste, then it can be returned to production on site. The recycling of start-up lumps reduces the amount of waste and transportation costs and virgin material costs.

The following are some examples of plastic scrap produced in the means of blow molding, extruding, injection molding and thermoforming.

Types of Plastic Waste

As there are many types of plastics, you may refer to this plastic recycling guide.


Plastic Totes, Trays, Crates, Bins, Bottles, Baskets, Jugs, Storage Bins, Pails, Buckets, Containers, Cups, Caps, Lids, Totes, Tanks, IBC’s, Roll Carts, Sheet, Barrels, Pipe, Liner, Pallets, Sign Sheets, Sprues, Runners, Nursery, Purge, Thermoformed, Plastic Sheet, Trays, Baskets, Mud Flap, Liner, Pipe, Bottles, Lids, Cups, Containers, Caps, Jug, Bins.


Plastic (Linear Medium Density Polyethylene) Rotomold, and Sheet

#3 PVC

“Vinyl” Window Trim (postindustrial no glass), Fencing, Siding, Purge, and Pipe


Plastic Film, Cups, Lids, Bins, Containers, Purge


(Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Rotationally aka Rotomolded Parts, Playground, Toters, Roll Carts, Lids


Plastic Totes, Trays, Tanks, Crates, Bins, Bottles, Baskets, Jugs, Storage Bins, Pails, Buckets, Containers, Cups, Caps, Lids, Sheet, Pipe, Liner, Pallet, Sign Sheet, Nursery, Purge

#5/#7 PP / TPO / TPE

Plastic Bumpers, Pallets, Sheet, Containers, Bins

plastic shredder

A typical plastic shredder

Adds-on and Customization of Shredding Systems

Infeed Conveyor: Automatic material infeed by belt conveyor or screw conveyor. A inclined chute faciliates forklift or crane.

Output Collection: tThe shredded materials can be cyclone collected (Blower), belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

Shredder Rotor: 3 types of rotors avail. Other than our standard rotor, one for plastic films or flexible materials, the other is super challenging and hard objects.

Elevated Rack: Facilitates to your equipment or ease to connect with corresponding equipment.

Motor: Increase motor or change to hydraulic motor.

Vertical Pusher: A verical ram force feed materials against the rotor. This increase shredding efficiency and capacity

Shredding Chamber: Increase dimension for shredding oversized items.

Lid: Prevents particles from flying out of shredding chamber.

Plastic Shredder Conclusion

A plastic shredder is versatile in dealing with plastic waste. Shredding and Granulating is the method of recycling the material back right into a granule form. Tell us your exact requirment of your project or what shredder machines you are looking for. Wiscon Envirotech will guide you to choose the right machine with quote and specs.

We also manufacture Plastic Grinders and Plastic Granulators. You may refer to this for a quick glance. Or consult us for more info.

Shredder-crusher Combined – CT Series



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