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Oil Filter Recycling System
System Solutions Oil Filter Recycling System

Oil Filter Recycling System and Disposal Machine

Neutralize hazardous waste while extract recycleables.


All kinds of oil filters from

Hydraulic jack


Hourly output: 500-3000kg

Power consumption: 150kWh

Output material: filter medium, metal chips and used oil

Number of operators: 1

Why recycle oil filters?

Do you know one litre of oil can pollute 950,000 litre of water? A big number of oil filters are replaced from vehicles and boats. As a hazardous waste, the mistreament of oil filters leads to water and soil contamination. Imporper handling causes not only pollution, but also violates regulations.

One oil filter consists of spring, gasket, filter and housing. Inside an used oil filter, there is remnant of transmission fluid. The four general materials are made of

  • Spring: metal
  • Gasket: rubber
  • Filter: paper or synthetic materials
  • Housing: plastic or metal

Nevertheless, this is a great business opportunity to cope this harzardous waste. An Oil Filter Recycling System is a ideal solution for this waste.

How does Oil Filter Recycling System work?

Primary Shredding (Scrap Metal Shredder)

Used oil filters come in various sizes and composition. To obtain the valuble materials from used fuel filters, shredding (disintegration) is imperative. Implementing a double shaft shredder, a massive quanity of oil filters can be size reduce to chips.

The cross-rotation of shafts slowly compresses and bites oil filters, yielding 40mm strips and chips. They immediately go through a vibrating screen to separate oil from solid matters. Later, the oil is collected by a bin. Wiscon guarantee a drop of oil matters and all would be collected without leakage.

Size Control

A trommel is a prefect candidate for screening chips based on size. The rotary screen produces overflow and underflow.

The overflow is oversized materials, while the underflow is undersized ones.


The underflow falls to a conveyor and goes through a magnetic separator to reclaim metals. In the end, the filter medium gathers in a bin.

This leaves oversized materials remained in the system, and they re-enter oil filter shredder and repeats the cycle.


Shredder – Trommel – Magnetic Separator – Eddy Current Separator – Goes back to Shredder – Collection Bin

Before and After

Once an oil filter recycling system is finished, Wiscon tests it with various oil filters to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make it in-person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.


Scrap metals

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