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Shredder Solid Waste Shredder – M Series
Solid Waste Shredder – M Series
  • Refuse derive fuel shredder
  • RDF Shredder Supplier
  • Solid Waste Shredder
  • SDF shredder
  • Solid Waste Shredder – M Series

    Unique Structure with High Output

    • High yield and fine chip size
    • High-speed One-shaft shredding
    • Multiple mechanical and electrical protection
    • Excellent performance in RDF production
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    This heavy-duty industrial waste shredder is infused with Wiscon’s most reliable shredding technologies. With unique designs to rotor, chamber and control system, you are sure to enjoy high capacity and fine size control.

    For downsizing commercial and industrial waste, this solid waste shredder produces up to 15 tons per hour with a particle size of 40-60mm. There is only one purpose of M series: to tackle all challenges in size reduction.

    Solid waste shredder

    SRF Shredder (M4250 Single Shaft Shredder)

    Waste Shredder Applications

    • Unbaled and baled waste: plastic bottles, plastic films, leather, fabrics, textiles, sponge and cardboard.
    • Industrial solid waste and waste from production.
    • Alternative energy production.
    • Preliminary treatment of RDF (refuse derived fuel), SRF (solid recovered fuel) and TDF (tire derived fuel).
    • Fine treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste),  urban waste, sorted trash and garbage.
    RDF Production Plant

    From Industrial waste to RDF Granules (RDF Briquettes)

    [ultimate_heading main_heading=”RDF Shredder Machine Features” alignment=”left”]As a waste shredder supplier, M8300 is Wiscon’s first choice for waste to energy treatment. This waste shredder can size reduce and disintergrate feedstock in one step. A primary shredder is still required prior to a single-shaft RDF shredder for some challenging cases.

    RDF and SDF are a mixture of waste that contain a slight trace of sands, gravels and metals, but more important contain a high valoric value. To cope with this specific material, Wiscon has made 6 major machine highlights.[/ultimate_heading]


    • V-shape cutting blades, ensuring maximum cuts per revolution.
    • Enlarged blades can be turned for dual use and replacement.
    • Diameter enlarges for torsion and shock resistance.

    Swing Arm

    • Swing arm runs in curve.
    • Curve hopper allows materials to enter easily.
    • Works in conjunction with workload and material characteristics.


    • Hydraulically actuated screen cradle.
    • Customizable screen opening size from 40mm to 100mm.
    • Hex screen and circle screen opening avails for a better size control.


    • Upward-lifted service doors grant access to the front and rear.
    • All pipelines are well-routed in waste crusher.
    • Machine body is a thick-walled metal construction.


    • High-speed shredding.
    • In case of overload and shock, a torque-militing clutch disengageas to protect drive unit.
    • Options of one/dual motors, as well as mechanical/hydraulic/inverter drives.

    Control System

    • Monitors key parameters of waste shredder.
    • Dynamic load balance for dual drives.
    • Adds-on: spark detection, dust vaccum, and water-cooling.

    RDF/SRF Production

    M series shredder can work better in RDF/SRF production, if integrating with a preshredder (double shaft shredder) and auxiliary equipment. The primary shredder disintegrates feedstock and breaks bales, resulting in materials in a loose form. After a metal separator and an air classifier, gravels and metals are sorted out from the system. The shredded particles can directly feed to solid waste shredder to further be downsized to 40-60mm with the minumum damage to the system. In the end, a briquetting machine (pelletizer) produces briquets.

    For a complete refuse dervie fuel production plant, see below:

    If you are looking for a small industrial single shaft shredder, please see here.

    With 33 year practical experience and as a waste shredder supplier, Wiscon Envirotech bring you not only the machines and service, but also know-hows and expertise especially in waste to energy industry.

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