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Shredder One Shaft Shredder – T Series
One Shaft Shredder – T Series
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  • P380 Single Shaft Shredder & Belt Conveyor
  • One Shaft Shredder – T Series

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    • One shaft
    • High yield for huge waste recycling
    • Excellent performance in handling large volumes of waste larger than 1500 mm
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    This one shaft shredder(shredder machine) is very versatile and can be used for shredding all kinds of waste materials and is the right industrial shredder for different industries.

    Industrial Shredder Applications

    Plastic in bales: Plastic lump, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, PE film, PP woven bag, PET bottle
    Wood: industrial waste paper, wood pallet
    Scrap Metal: circuit board, aluminum material, copper material, wire, cable

    One Shaft Shredder Machine Intro

    T series one shaft shredder is suitable for processing bulky and high hardness materials with an output from 1ton to 6ton/hr. With super-strong welded steel construction, sloping pusher, and extra-large internal volume, higher throughput and more stable processing of big shredder can be achieved. The sloping pusher and large interior with an access door make this big shredder’s maintenance quicker and easier. Wiscon’s 4 unique rotor configurations enable an increase in industrial shredder throughput by 20%.

    industrial Shredder Rotor one Shaft Shredder

    shredder machine Screen

    Shredding Machine Features

    • Rotor knife adopts DC53 steel and counter knife adopts D2 steel.
    • Extra Pusher Ram is optional for hollow and gigantic materials.
    • Auto-reverse system re-orients rotor direction when motor overload & material jam.
    • Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.
    • Easy access to big shredder’s rotor and screen, and quick to change them.
    • Rotor knives can be used 2 times before being replaced, reducing operating costs.
    • Several models of the screen are available and easily interchangeable.
    Guide rail and pusher can be replaced and are adjustable to maintain a smooth push and retract as well as to keep the crushing chamber fully closed.

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