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Excellence in Manufacturing
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Accurate manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality to our customers. Thus, Wensui Group invested in 35 million on workshop renovation and machine tools. We utilize first-class machine tools, such as,

CNC machine from Spain.

Lathe machine from Taiwan.

Flame cutting machine from Japan.

Plasma cutting machine from Japan and Germany.

Gantry machining center and Boring machine from Korea.

From carefully selected materials to scrupulous care of all production phases, we gain the highest level of satisfaction by producing and delivering the best state-of-the-art machines to every customer.


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Cuts super thick steel plates up to 150mm. Believe it or not, our materials are intended for shipbuilding and now we take them for machine building. Most robust housing plates and granulator rotors are completed here.

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Thin steel plates and stainless steels are cutted here. Fast and steady. Hoppers, screens and light casing of shredder and granulator are perfectly done with a fine edge.

This step means too much for our final assembly.

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Rotor is the core of our machines. While others outsource this piece, we insist on making it by ourselves. Each move is G-coded and simulated beforehand to ensure accuracy and high efficiency.

V-cut on shredder rotor and end-faces on granulator rotor are 100% aligned and leveled.

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The rotor and paddle rotate are designed to run at an extremely high speed.

Our experienced lathe worker makes sure all parts are machined according to drawings.

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Dynamic balancing is often omitted by some companies, but doing this right reduces vibration at high-speed rotation.

To do dynamic balancing to all shafts and rotors is a must to Wiscon.

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Our one-setup boring results in high concentricity and long service life of bearing, gear reducer and motor. Overall, it enhances the stability of the shredder and granulator.


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