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Washing Line Machines Mechanical Dryer Vertical Centrifugal Dryer
Vertical Centrifugal Dryer
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  • Vertical Centrifugal Dryer

    Say no to wet materials.

    • Small footprint.
    • 3% moisture rate
    • Effectively remove water from plastic granules and flakes.
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    Removes water and chemicals from flakes and rigid plastics. The moisture rate of output materials reaches lower than 5%.


    Vertical centrifugal dryer, aka, spin dryer, is a dewatering machine that separates water from plastic flakes or granules.

    For handling flexible materials, such as, plastic film and PP knitted bags, please refer to a horizontal centrifugal dryer.

    Centrifugal dryer is comprised of a high-speed rotor, enclosed by detachable screens. The wet materials enter from the bottom inlet and exit from the top. Rotor with slanted paddles drives all materials upwards. Centrifugal forces generated by high-speed rotation agitates materials inside the screens and bring out excess water. Water is then discharged via holed screens and drains at the bottom. The airflow conveys plastic granules out of the dewatering machine.

    dewatering machine

    Vertical centrifugal dryer removes detergents and water from plastics, so it used after sink-float tank, hot washer and friction washer. In addition, thermal dryer and squeeze dryer can further reduce moisture rate. Maintaining a low moisture rate is essential for palletizing.

    Vertical Centrifugal Dryer

    Centrifuge Features

    Obtain a low moisture rate (<1%).
    Screens are easy to change.
    Water sprinklers prevent screens from clogging.
    Material-contact parts made of stainless steel.
    Several kinds of screens avail for different materials.
    Snap-open enclosure eases the maintenance.

    Vertical Centrifugal Dryer screen

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