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Since 2000, Wiscon Envirotech offers a spectrum of shredding machines and recycling solutions for waste management.

The Wiscon product portfolio ranges from industrial shredder and granulator to complete recycling systems for scrap plastics, woods and metals. We also design and execute large projects on request.

In the past 2 decades, with the aim of always finding the best possible solution for each customer, Wiscon has always been building partnerships with our customers based on our ability to create value, transmit reliability, and to offer cost-effective solutions for success.

Industrial Shredder & Crusher

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3 Factors that Matter in IBC Recycling

3 Factors that Matter in IBC Recycling

IBC recycling is short for “Intermediate bulk containers recycling”. An IBC is blow-molded with HDPE (High-density polyethylene), often supported with…
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Plastic Shredding System

Plastic Shredding System

Wiscon Envirotech plastic shredding system is specially designed for size reducing large plastic lumps, purgings and scrap plastics. This system…
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