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    A trommel screen (a.k.a rotary screen) is an automated sorting equipment based on material size. The screen opening on rotary screen strictly controls the desired size of the output.

    As the cylindrical screen rotates at the constant speed, the rails on screen guide stream materials to move forward. The stream materials smaller than the screen opening fall down on a belt conveyor. The bigger stream materials stay and go to proceeding steps.

    Rotary Screen


    This application is widely seen in waste management and mining industry. Wiscon Envirotech deploys trommel screen in the primary sorting at the beginning of a recycling system. Its aim is to obtain stream materials at a wanted size and to remove abundant of contamination such as dirt, sludge and sands.

    Trommel screen (rotary screen) is applicable to sort out metals, plastics, rubber and woods according to your desired size. In the meantime, the rotary screen removes metal scraps and dirt. The complete robust construction delivers a reliable size control.

    Trommel Screen Features

    Adjustable rotation speed.
    Rakes rip-opens plastic bags.
    Fully cover to prevent dust emission.
    Customizable screen opening for different output size
    Unique screen opening profile to tailor to your compositions of materials.

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