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Belt Conveyor
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  • Belt Conveyor

    Delivers from Point A to B. Simple.

    • Short distance conveying.
    • Strong structure.
    • Fully customizable.
    • Description


    Transport and receive bulk materials and processed particles.


    Belt conveyors are widely used as economical conveying equipment. Specially designed for recycling and plastic manufacturing business, Wiscon belt conveyors deliver materials to industrial shredders and plastic granulators. They also receive processed materials from industrial shredders. They greatly reduce labour cost and ensure a stable material stream.

    customized belt conveyor

    Width, height and incline angle are 100% tailored to customers’ needs. Regardless of your powdery or rigid materials, the belt conveyor can transport shredded particles, drums, containers, baled bottles and cans and bulky wastes.

    There are 3 kinds of belts available for different tasks.

    1. PVC belts as standard for general materials.

    2. Rubber belts for heavy-duty conveying.

    3. Corrugated sidewall belts for bulk materials at flexible angels.

    corrugated belt conveyor

    Metal conveyor is customizable to delivery oversize and heavy materials like end-of-life cars and tires.


    Driven by motor and gear reducer.
    Flat-incline and incline are available.
    Integrated Smart Control, operates based on the workload of shredder or granulator.
    Easy for lubrication.

    Shredder and outfeed Conveyor


    VFD realizes adjustable speed control.
    Top cover for a full enclosure, reducing the chance of dust emission.
    Bottom tray avoids material from leaking.
    Metal detector accurately alarms for metals.
    Magnetic separator conveyor belt for metal auto-removal.

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