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Air Classifier/Zigzag Separation
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  • Air Classifier/Zigzag Separation

    Say no to plastic and paper labels

    • Adjustable accuracy.
    • Increase product value at the last step.
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    Air classifier pneumatically removes light impurities like paper and plastic labels from rigid plastics and plastic films.
    Typically used for eliminating PP/PE labels from PET bottles and labels from blue drums and plastic films.

    air classiferIntroduction

    Air classifier for plastics uses air as a medium to separate light objects from heavier plastics. A strong airflow comes from the bottom to the top, while a stream of materials falls from the top. Plastic flakes and granules then go through a zigzag channel. In the meantime, lighter materials like labels and dust are blown upward and collected in filter bags.

    As a result, high-quality plastics are collected without labels and dust.


    Adjustable accuracy by a valve.
    Full stainless steel construction.
    A transparent sight glass for visual inspection.

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