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News Solid Waste Shredding

Solid Waste Shredding

April 9, 2020     News

With our reliable technology and customized waste shredders, we will create the ideal equipment to completely fulfill your solid waste projects. Wiscon waste shredder is aimed at turning waste to wealth through solid waste shredding.

Solid Waste Management

For over 20 years, Wiscon dual-shaft shredders have been the best alternative for recycling industries. These rugged industrial shredders can deal with all kinds of wastes.

Industrial shredders are perfect for challenging functions that require a broad range of product output sizes. Our twin-shaft shredders are properly-suited to face alone operation. Or can be used for pre-shredding for additional downstream processing. Wiscon’s versatile products vary from industrial, main and secondary to universal shredders and crushers.

Waste Shredder

Waste shredder

Wiscon in a fair

In this study, we designed and constructed a plastic shredding machine. The machine consists of the  major components: hopper assembly, shredding chamber, driveshaft, body, v-belts, and an electric motor.

Our municipal waste shredders can combine screens, filters and magnets to separate impurities, offering to seize of materials for reclamation or incineration. If further reductions are required, our Wiscon CS & CL granulator may be integrated into the system.

Recycling Technologies

The latest technology is used in this Wiscon shredder. Wiscon’s Medical Waste Reduction System mechanically collects, reduces. Waste shredder conveys the sterilized waste material to a compaction chamber or cart. This two-stage system safely and securely handles bags, boxes, and cartons of waste.

It includes plastics, paper, metal, and aluminum for the hospital environment or regional waste facility. An extensive number of waste management shredder choices are available to you.
♦ High hardness and toughness alloy steel blades with put on resistance and impact resistance.
♦ Automatically revere to wash caught materials.

It just needs about 5 minutes for the machine to shred 300L waste after which output all these treated waste. Wiscon is working worldwide and provides quite a few services. All related to shredding know-how and SRF/RDF processing. Our bespoke product options – together with primary and secondary shredders – are employed worldwide. We can always offer you the most effective technical answer to your specific application. And for brand spanking new purposes, we will draw on the analyses and research performed by our in-house technical staff.

China Shredder Supplier

Municipal Waste Shredder in China

Plastic Recycling Machine

The Wiscon P and T series is a major shredder breaking down waste with large elements. The DS and DL are the secondary shredder which granulates the waste each does different jobs. Keep the high firm standards of being power environment friendly. Plastics, owing to its widespread use in almost all sectors. It has become a foremost important environmental risk dealing with humankind. Recycling is considered the most effective and viable option to deal with this peril. The objective of this research was to develop. Evaluating PET bottles shredding and washer for waste administration and recycling.

The analysis was aimed at shredding PET bottles into required sizes for a plastic pelletizer. The waste shredder developed performs washing, cleansing and shredding of PET bottles. They using rotating blades are arranged in an auger-like manner, different options of the machine. It consists of a hopper, washing chamber, adjustable display, and centrifugal pump.

Plastic Bottle Crusher

Plastic Mill



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