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General Plastic Recycling System
System Solutions General Plastic Recycling System
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Post-consumer and Post-industrial plastics from all sources

Disposable container
PS Yogurt cups
PP Bulk bag, knitted bag and woven bag
Twine and rope
Plastic pallet and box
Rejects and tails of thermoforming, blow molding, injection molding and extrusion

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Hourly output: 500-2000kg

Power consumption: 100-400kWh

Moisture rate: <1%

Output flake: 8-12mm, free of dirt

Number of operators: 2

Wiscon knows plastic recycling system, either it is homogeneous or mixed, high quality or contaminated. We tailor-make turn-key solutions to meet your requirement and maximize your return on investment. Rigid plastic wastes are mainly made of PP, PE and PS, whereas they are the least recycled comparing to PET and HDPE. In the U.S., only 1% of PP is recycled.

If you tend to know more about PET recycling, please click here; to know more about HDPE recycling, please click here.

At Wiscon, nothing goes to waste after proper waste management.


The plastic recycling system starts with size reduction. An industrial wet shredder with a special rotor and screen efficiently enhances shredding throughput. The chance of winding rotor or motor overload is eliminated by Smart Control. Plastic recycling equipment ensures a consistent output of partially washed shredded particles.

plastic shredder machine


Following several friction washers and sink-float tanks, the floating plastics are washed and remained, but the sinking unwanted and contaminant are automatically transported out of the system. If your materials are highly contaminated, our modular design of washing technology simplifies the design and integration.

plastic recycling system

Secondary Shredding and Drying

The shredded particles further break down in a wet crusher, where uniform 10-12mm regrinds are obtained. In the end, the regrind is ready to dry in a centrifugal dryer and then collected in a cyclone. The moisutre conent of rigid plastics can meet less than 2%.

It is our goal not only to build and offer state-of-the-art plastic recycling equipment but also to assist our clients to produce regrind that is close to virgin grade.

View more videos here.

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Shredder – Magnetic Separator – Granulator –  Sink-float Tank – Friction Washer  – Centrifugal Dryer – Air Classifier – Collection Bin – Pelletizer

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  • High regrind quality
  • Good visualisation
  • Simple control via touchscreen
  • Versatile applications, e.g. in rigid plastic waste
  • Integrated system detects and monitors all processes
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Once a recycling system is finished, Wiscon tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make it in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

PC Water Container, After Washing System

Post-consumer PP/PE Waste, After Washing System

PP/PE Mixture, After Washing System

PP/PE Toys, After Washing System

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