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XPS Crusher

November 2, 2023     News

XPS Crusher is a device that turns foam into smaller sizes. The Wiscon granulators are designed to make the waste material the same grain size as the virgin material.

XPS (Extruded Polystyrene Foam), which is similar to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) recycling, can also be acheived by mechanical size reduction. XPS material is widely used as insulation material in the construction industry because it is moisture-proof, thermal proof and sound-proof materials.

Also, it can be used for furniture transportation as this material has antiknock quality. In addition, it is also used in crafts and model building, offers improved surface roughness and higher stiffness and reduced thermal conductivity. But the density range is stronger than EPS, so it is harder to compress.

XPS Shredder and Crusher

XPS Crusher Application

A XPS Crusher powerful crushing machine is used for foam, re-bonding foam leftover material, fabric and other multiple waste materials crushing into particulate. This is for produce re-bonding foam, tyre, insulation, filling material of pillow, sofa, production waste and toys.

The foam Granulators are designed for high throughput size reduction of larger sized products in a single pass. These machines are also ideal for secondary granulation when positioned behind pre-shredders in various types of recycling systems. Incorporating various different methods of wear protection such as replaceable wear plates and resistant surface coatings, the Wiscon machines are well suited to processing abrasive, contaminated materials such as glass filled plastics and dirty films containing sands.

● High efficiency crushing system. Rotor driven by a high inertia pulley flywheel. Transmission from the motor by means of “V” belts Prepared for the application of a second flywheel.

● Various equipment protection function: noise insulation and soft start.

● High efficiency blower

● Convenient conveying belt feeding material (option)

XPS Crusher Operation Video



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