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News Woven Bag Shredder

Woven Bag Shredder

July 5, 2021     News

PP bag, woven bag, PP bag, bulk bag and big bag are referring to the same object. All of which is easy to recycle by a woven bag Shredder (Woven Sack Shredder). A shredder for big bags can usually handle bags in bales. This allows fast shredding and whole bale feeding. Also, this machine can process with an outputt around 500kg/hr to 2000kg/hr.

If woven bags come in bales, we need a pre-shredder or manually debaling. Our shredders can be fed by conveyor belt, forklift or manually and are optionally equipped with mechanical or hydraulic drive. It is common to implement a single shaft shredder or a double rotor shredder

PP Bag Shredding and Pre-treatment Video

Following PP woven sack shredder, we can develop a whole sequence washing system to crush, wash, dewater and collect the big bags. See the following video:

Big Bag Washing Line and Big Bag Shredder Video

Scrap woven bags and big bags made of PP(Polypropylene) are hygroscopic. We get our know-hows from actual practice. Big bag shredder(PP bag shredder) is the essential first step to break down the woven fabric; otherwise, it would be too big and tough next the process such as intensive washing and centrifugal drying.

Our carefully selected plastic recycling machines take care of the contamination and water content of your materials, delivering a fine PP particle at pelletizing grade.

woven sack shredder PP bag washing machine

Woven Bag Shredder Applications

Medical waste: surgical gowns, melt-blown nonwovens.

Post-consumer waste: Air-laid paper, resin bag.

Geotextile: sandbags, Disposable towels, woven bags, non-woven bags, big bags, bulk bags, bulka bags, tonne bag.

Please inquire us about woven bag shredders, Wiscon Envirotech would choose the best fit for your projects.

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