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News Wood Shredding System

Wood Shredding System

December 28, 2020     News

We deal with the shredding of wood and bulky waste. We have recycling machinery to offer the customer service on-site and thus manage adequate wood and bulky waste that due to its large size require Wood Shredding System and thus be delivered to the corresponding treatment plants.


Our company has extensive experience in shredding wood, pallets, logs, roots, vegetable pruning, organic waste, etc. As we are also dedicated to the management of clean points, we can transport the waste to them. This kind of waste must always be taken to one of these spaces, as it has to be treated in a special way. As we have the most modern machinery at the service of Wood Shredding System, we can offer you the most modern shredders, which will take care of your waste, regardless of its volume. Likewise, thanks to our means of transport, we can provide you with a comprehensive service in this aspect.

We take advantage of all the elements that are part of our classification plant to obtain an incredible performance. Making the shredding of bulky waste easier.

No matter the volume of waste to be disposed of. We have facilities and Wood Shredding machine that can solve that situation. In the case of a defective product or stock disposal, we take care of destroying it completely.

shredded wood scrap

Wood Shredding System

Wood is one of the materials of nature that man uses the most. Therefore, all that can be reused will avoid the unnecessary cutting of new trees. Many advances have been made in this regard in recent decades, thanks to the recycling of paper. All the wood that is recovered, from, for example, pruning, can be shredded and converted into the popular chipboard, which is used for countless pieces of furniture. This wood is also used as an energy source in various industries. It can also be reused by adding it to a natural fertilizer called compost, which is used for all types of crops, and usually uses the so-called organic farming. Finally, recycled wood is beginning to be used for construction.

Wood Shredding Systemswood shredder

While the waste is being shredded, we have a series of recycling containers for storage. Each and every one of the types complies with the official regulations, which guarantees their quality.

We offer several alternatives when collecting waste for its subsequent destruction. We can provide the containers for your company or community of neighbors for private storage until collection.

In addition, we are committed to the correct recycling according to the material with which they are manufacturing this waste. We make sure that they are correctly separated thanks to the distinction by the color of the different containers.

In Wiscon Envirotech, we guarantee the correct shredding of wood and other waste in the correct way. Using Wood Shredding machinery and advanced technology so that there are no problems of environmental pollution. We continue growing and learning from the novelties to offer you a unique and quality service.



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