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News Wood Shredder Machine

Wood Shredder Machine

September 29, 2021     News

The wood shredder machine is very quiet and dust-free, producing uniform-size wood chips. The wood scrap to be shredded is first placed in a large hopper. Then it is pushed against the cutting rotor by means of a hydraulic pusher. The shredding of the material takes place in between the rotor and counter knife. The slow-speed yet high torque rotor guarantees a high capacity from 600kg/hr to 2000kg/hr and also secures a precise size from 20mm to 100mm.

wood shredder machine

MDF shredder

The whole shredding process of wood shredder machine is fully automated. A dust collection hose connects to crushing chamber and conveyor, which makes sure no emission of wood dust. After shredding the chips, they can be transported by extraction, screw conveyor or belt conveyor.

The chips can be further downsized to dust, which a great source of RDF. The shredded particles are an ingredient of MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). The most common application is playground bedding or railway bedding.

wood shredder wood chips

Wood Shredder Machine Video

Featuring T4150 (90kW), single shaft shredder, a monster shredder that turn MDF and plywood waste into wood chips. MDF shredder capacity is more than 2000kg/hr with an output size of 40mm.

We also have a two shaft shredder eats up wood scrap in a no-dust, low noise manner. Please consult us which machine is better for you applications.

Types of Wood Scrap

  • Wooden pellet and boxes
  • Wood planks and boards
  • Wood waste leftover from machining
  • Softwood and Hardwood
  • Chipboard and MDF
  • Timber and log

Cusomtizable shredder machine design allows us to better provide a viable and affordable solution in perspective of power, infeed hopper, rotor, operation requirement, footprint, output size and extraction.

Its versatility makes Wiscon wood shredder applicable to furniture manufacturers, woodworking companies and wood recycling plant.

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Wood shredding machine

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wood waste after shredding

wood waste after shredding

Successful Cases

Biomass Shredder

Pallet Shredder



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