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News Wood Plastic Composite Shredder

Wood Plastic Composite Shredder

December 1, 2022     News

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a green material consisting of small amounts of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Compared to classic wood composites like particleboard or fiberboard or raw lumber, wood plastic composite shredder are relatively new products. Wiscontech can provide a solution on WPC process and recycling wood plastic composite.

Their hardness and tensile stength is high than pure wood or pure plastic, despite WPC’s production cost is higher. In both ingredients of wood plastic composite, Wiscon shredder can size reduce scrap wood and plastics into pieces. The shredded particles then become an ingredient of WPC.

Wood Plastic Composite Shredder

These cost effective, multi-purpose shredders are capable of handling most types of waste materials. As shown below, all kinds of scrap plastic and waste lumber after sorted can enter the WPC shredder. 40mm by 40mm particles are the result of the machine. It suits different wood waste types including timbers, pallets and off-cuts. The throughput requirements reach up to 5ton/h.

For the other ingredient, scrap plastic is the same. Built with an emphasis on shredding strength, our  high-quality WPC shredder machine is designed to shred plastic waste into a manageable pieces. These shredders come in a range of sizes and are made to fit the floor of your building. They are all fitted with strong knives that can readily bite through any thickness of aluminum. They operate at a variety of throughputs, from 1 to 5 tons per hour. These single shaft shredders are fantastic choices for the plastic shredding.

In short, we can recycle your plastic composites like flooring and panels.

Wiscontech Shredder

WPC Recycling

Beside throught, the output size is another important factor. Pairing up with a granulator, the waste wood-plastic composite can go smaller to 8mm. This size is ideal for extrusion and thermal forming. Illustrated below is a step, showcasing an industrial shredder, conveyor, granulator and cyclone collection.

WPC Recycling machine

Wood Plastic Composite Shredder

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