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Wood Mulcher

March 13, 2022     News

Wiscon China wood mulcher and wood shredder are the one of earliest size reduction machine in wood recycling industry. The purpose of wood recycling is to downsize wood scraps into smaller wooden particles. These particles are a source of an ingredient of paper, and of an alternative fuel to boiler and power plant.

Although twin-shaft shredder can achieve a big capacity ranging from 5-50 ton/hr, the output particles are rather large and ramdom. Some wood chips can as large as 20cm and even not shredded, because twin-shaft shredder does not have a screen to do size control.

While many wood recycling plants still use shear shredder (twin shaft shredder), Wiscon Envirotech proposes a new shredding machine – T series and M series, single shaft shredder. With the new era of wood mulcher, the output size ranges from 40 to 60mm with a stable capacity from 5 ton to 20 ton.

M8300, Wood Mulcher

Applications: wooden products, roots, stumps, logs, poles, used wood furniture, scrap woods, wood trimmings, wooden pallets, solid wood, tree branches, animal bedding and trimmings.

Wood Mulcher Video

Shredding fibreboards and wood planks

Shredding timbers and wood scraps

Details of Wood Crusher

  • A massive rotor is 800mm-diameter with multiple rotary blades fully distributed.
  • All rotary blades made of D2 alloy.
  • Service doors are located at the front and the back, facilitating service and maintenance.
  • Interchangeable screen for different output size.
  • A swing arm force-feeds woods to rotor, increasing capacity.
  • Single/dual motors are available.
  • Control and monitor the whole production process in real time, real-time on-line running state monitoring and centralized control by PLC.
  • The chamber is annealed after welding, ensuring stiffness. Steel solid constuction.

The significance of single shaft shredder is to be able to produce uniform particles size and smooth operation and stable output.

Wood Crusher

Wood mulching machine

For waste-to-energy and wood recycling, Wiscon can offer cost-effective and high-capacity industrial shredder and wood mulcher. Besides shredding, Wiscon provides sorting station, dust collection and briquette machine to serve a complete waste wood recycling solution to customers.



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