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News Why Waste Shredding Matters

Why Waste Shredding Matters

November 10, 2021     News

Industrial waste shredders (waste shredding) play an important role in waste management and recycling in today’s manufacturing and disposal industries. It can also be useful to other companies and business groups after careful consideration of the importance of safety, waste management costs and environmental impact. It is also important to know waste shredder that is best suited and profitable for your particular application.

Waste Shredding for sale

A Waste Shredder in Operation

The benefits of using mega shredders in large-scale Waste Crushing systems such as municipal landfills/recycling centers are clear. Waste such as plastic, wood, rubber and asphalt can be instantly reduced to a fraction of their original size, many of which are sold as useful products or returned directly to the general public.

Biodegradable products like kitchen waste decompose faster after crushing. Shredders also allow materials permanently buried in landfills to be compressed into much smaller spaces with fewer voids, providing a more stable foundation for future development.

Why Solid Waste Shredding Matters

  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Decrease capital investment
  • Homogenize and reduce volume
  • Improve efficiency of incinerators
  • Increase landfill capacity

The benefits of Waste shredding

A heavy-duty shredder can down size waste, which eases proceeding processes. It is especially effective against trash in plastic bags and oversize objects like furniture and mattress. If these items entered a waste recycling plant without screening, they will meddle the system.

Trash Shredding breaks down MSW into its basic components for more efficient recovery and separation of materials. For example, a motor can be disintegrated into copper wire, metal rotor, iron casing and cast iron base. For another example, a mattress can be broken down into springs, fabrics and leather.

What Shredder Machine do We Need

Whether it is domestic waste, industrial waste, organic waste and other solid waste treatment, often the first step is to use the shredder for size reduction. There are a variety of industrial waste shredders on the market, in the end what kind of model is more suitable for waste treatment.


Pre-shredder (Pre-crusher)

Pre-shredder (Pre-crusher)

Features: Large processing capacity and low requirements for material composition.

Scope of application: Suitable for projects with a large capacity (more than 20 tons per hour), projects with no requirements for the size of the discharge material, or for pre-crushing treatment.

Double Shaft Shredder

Waste Shredding

Two Shaft Shredder

Features: There are different levels of processing capacity, many equipment specifications, from a few hundred kilograms per hour to more than ten tons, the discharge particle size can be targeted design, can handle a variety of different materials.

Scope of application: Generally suitable for solid waste treatment with a capacity of less than 20 tons per hour. For Waste Crushing: general industrial waste, domestic waste, bulky waste, kitchen waste, organic waste or agricultural waste, etc.

Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

Features: The four shafts work together, the material is relatively easy to digest, and there is a screen to control the size of the material.

Range of use: suitable for customers with requirements for the size of the material to be discharged, but not suitable for tough and soft materials, which may cause the screen to clog.

Single Shaft Shredder

One shaft Shredder

One shaft Shredder

Features: uniform discharge, small capacity

Range of application: More suitable for crushing plastic lumps, hard plastics, etc. Easy to control the size of the shredded particles. Higher requirements for raw material composition. Not suitable for complex materials.

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