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News What is Twin-shaft Shredder

What is Twin-shaft Shredder

February 17, 2022     News

Twin-shaft Shredder relies on power (motor + gear reducer or hydraulic) to drive the two rotors in opposite direction. The rotors are interspersed with blades. The disk blades mounted on rotor shear, tear, crush the infeed materials. The material will be processed into smaller particles and finally discharged.

Designed for a variety of waste material size reduction, a twin-shaft shredder is suitable for solid waste, medical waste, household waste, hazardous waste, kitchen waste, electronic waste, garden waste, waste metal and other materials. With the advantages of uniform discharge and controllable size.

twin-shaft shredder

A twin-shaft shredder for RDF production

Variation on Twin-shaft Shredder (Twin-shaft Crusher)

  • Divided by drive power. Common two shaft shredder mainly has two kinds of electric motor drive and hydraulic motor drive.
  • Mode of operation. According to the operation mode shear crusher can be divided into fixed shear crusher and mobile shear crusher.
  • Size of the discharge. According to the size of the output size, can also be divided into coarse shredding and fine shredding.
  • Number of rotors. According to the number of rotors, a shredder can be divided into two-shaft shredder and four-shaft shredder.
Twin-shaft shredder Cutter

Twin-shaft Crusher Cutter

What can Twin-shaft Industrial Shredder process

Alternative fuel/RDF(refuse derived fuel): municipal solid waste, industrial waste, wood, paper, tires, plastics, carpets, textiles, etc.
Product/Security Destruction: paper/documents, hard drives, out-of-spec or obsolete merchandise, pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastic parts, etc.
Waste treatment/alternative disposal: medical waste, radioactive materials, organics, paper fibers, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, etc.
Harsh applications: batteries, hazardous waste, etc.
Contaminated materials: Materials with multiple contaminants.
Metallic materials: aluminum, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, metal turnings, steel drums.
Tires: Tires for passenger cars, trucks and off-road vehicles, etc.
Plastics: Cleaning, rolls and sheets, films, substandard products, etc.

Shredding System

Shredding System for Tyres

According to the different design concepts of  shredder manufacturer, there are many other classifications of cross-cut shredders. According to their own needs to choose the right twin-shaft shredder, Twin-shaft Crusher can largely improve your earnings, if there is anything else you do not understand, contact Wiscon Envirotech, we will provide you with more professional support on Twin-shaft Crusher!

Two Shaft Shredder Price



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