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News What is the difference between two shaft shredder and four shaft shredder

What is the difference between two shaft shredder and four shaft shredder

April 5, 2022     News

As an industrial shredder supplier, some customers often confuse two shaft shredder with four shaft shredder, believing they are highly similar. Industrial shredders are common in several industries, but most notably scrap and recycling yards. While there are several variations of shredders including single shafts, two shafts, and up to four shafts. Each has its own advantages. If you’re searching for more information, our experts discuss the two-shaft shredders vs. four-shaft shredders in a comprehensive guide below.

Difference between two shaft shredder and four shaft shredder

Two shaft shredder

Two shaft shredder Features

A two shaft shredder works like a paper shredder. Multiple disks are installed on 2 rotors, and they rotate to cross-cut infeed materials. The shredded particles exit the shredding chamber without going a screen. Therefore, its final products are course and not uniform in size and shape. If you do not have a desired fine particle size, especially when your goal is just size reduction regardless of the output size, then two shaft shredder is preferred. This is why a two shaft shredder is often used for composting and breaking down metal, tires, plastics, and more.

Four shaft shredder Features

Four Shaft Shredders, on the other hand, have 2 extra shaft (rotors) on the top of the 2 rotors and have a set of screens at the bottom. Together, the 4 shafts and the screen keep circulating the material until it reaches the desired particle size ranging from 10mm to 40mm.

Four-shaft shredder has a more intelligent control system, so that each axis has its own shredding and protection actions to improve shredding frequency and output. The 2 rotors at the top are faster the 2 at the bottom, as the differential speed can better catch an object and tear it down. The screen is extremely easy to take out and replace. When your projects or recycling plants involve size reduction with specific output size, four shaft shredder is your first choice.

Quad shaft shredder is often used for shredding hazardous waste (e.g. metal drums, IBCs, plastic barrels) and electronic waste (WEEE).

Similarity between Two and Four Shaft Shredder

  • Both come with steel construction for heavy duty application.
  • Each shaft is individually driven.
  • Both include hex shafts for durability and hard-faced alloy cutters in a variety of profiles.
four shaft shredder

Four shaft shredder Q3100

Disk Blade of Two Shaft Shredder and Four Shaft shredder

Shredder blades


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