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News What is a plastic granulator?

What is a plastic granulator?

September 15, 2020     News

A plastic granulator is an efficient machine used for compact size reduction, an integral part of plastic recycling. Plastic granulators are able to break down plastic objects like plastic bottles, cans, and drums into uniform pieces known as ‹regrinds› or ‹flakes›.

Working Principle of Plastic Granulator

Plastic granulators have a large rotor, known as rotary blades, that is mounted on a base rotor. It breaks up smaller pieces into larger ones. There are different ways that a plastic granulator can work. Some require more pressure while some rely more on the speed of the rotor.

Plastic granulation requires a constant rotation of the knife and rotor, which causes the plastic to break up. Since the plastic is broken into smaller pieces, it must be re-rolled into the next level of plastic recycling. Plastic granulating is more effective when it uses a dry crusher machine. In order to achieve the best results, plastic is mixed with a solvent before being broken down.

What is a plastic granulator

a brief of plastic granulator

Plastic recycling programs use both types of plastic granulators. Depending on your area, you may either need both types of plastic granulators depending on your recycling needs.

What to do with Granulator?

Plastic granulators are generally used by recycling facilities to break down smaller plastic items, such as plastics bottles and plastic sprue and rejects. Many facilities require plastic granulators for all materials, and not just glass bottles. Most recycling programs require that all recycling materials are broken down into smaller pieces and then re-rolled into the next level of recycling. With all of the plastic recyclables that come out of the recycling program, there is no room for error.

There are many different kinds of plastic granulators and many different types of plastics recycling prices. For large quantities of plastics, the highest quality plastic granulator should be used. We can design to satisfy the needs of small-medium size users interested in a complete and functional system with reduced investment costs. You can also find a large variety of granulation with Wiscon.



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