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News What are types of granulators(crushers)?

What are types of granulators(crushers)?

December 14, 2020     News

How many types of granulators?

There are 4 types of granulators commonly seen in plastic processing. Besides-the-press granulators, central granulators, low-speed granulators and shredder-granulator combined.

In terms of processing, granulators can be categorized as 2 types: wet granulator that utilizes a liquid in the process and dry granulator that uses no liquid. Wet granulator involves a large amount of water and detergents, aimed to wash the contaminated materials and also cool down the machine. Most of the time, dry granulators are found in plastic molding, thermoforming, extruding factories.

What is a plastic granulator?

A granulator is specifically used in plastic processing for size reduce plastic lumps into plastic flakes, resin or regrind. Granulators are used to reduce runners and scrap back to pellet size pieces that blend back in with virgin resins. Granulator is also known as crusher or grinder. It features a high-speed rotor and produces flakes around 10mm by 10mm.

Some may confused shredders with granulators, because of their similar application. Shredders usually act as a primary size reduction for big plastic products, such as plastic lumps, and produce 40mm particles. Granulators are for smaller plastic products like sprues, small purgings and rejects.

We will go over beside-the-press, central granulators and shredder-granulator combined in this article.

Central Granulators

types of granulator

Central granulators process consistent feeding of stream materials and process materials that are big in size. They are effective for applications including plastic purgings, large injection or blow-molded scrap. The high-quality output makes it easier to utilize the maximum amount of recycled material in your process. However, it consumes high power and generates above 95dB noise.

Overall, it saves power because of one single machine is only needed, and maintains a consistent operation.


This special combo of a shredder and a granulator in one space-saving unit. It allows much larger, heavier, and denser materials to be processed first in the shredder. And then the shredded particles smoothly go to the granulator. Its newer PLC control systems provide sensor-based machine monitoring functions to enable safe and reliable operation. The shredder-granulator combined is equipped with a swing arm for easy feeding.

Overall, it saves space and eliminates the need of a transitional conveyor.

Beside-the-Press and Under-the-press

Beside-the-press and Under-the-press granulators can integrate into any molding or extrusion system, achieving inline recycling. Products that do not conform, sprues, runners, gates, flashes are processed as soon as they are created.

Low-speed Granulator

It features a low-speed rotor with multiple teeth. It excels in size reduce small runners, sprues and gates in a small amount.

There are several kinds of granulators on the market. Wiscon Envirotech is able to serve and choose the best granulator machine out of it.



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