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News Waste to Energy Shredder

Waste to Energy Shredder

August 17, 2023     News

Solid waste is the considerable range of garbage materials that are generated from industrial, residential, and commercial activities, which requires a significant capability to dispose due to its variation and complexity. For example, everyday items like packaging, bottles, furniture, food waste and clothing are municipal waste. Solid waste can go to landfills, or with a Waste to Energy Shredder transfer to alternative fuel.

Beyond relying on gas or coal, Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) stands as a valuable energy resource, derived from the shredding of specific combustible materials, including paper and plastics. These materials are commonly found within general and municipal waste, constituting a viable source for generating this efficient alternative energy.

The transformation of these materials into RDF necessitates their separation from non-combustible substances like glass or metal, followed by reduction into a more compact form. This is precisely where the robust power of Waste to Energy Shredder proves its significance.

Waste to energy shredder

WtE Shredder T4150

Waste to Energy Shredder

A segregation through wind sifter, trommel and star disk is the first step get obtain waste stream with less inert and unwanted. Following by shredding, bigger waste becomes smaller particles. Small particles from waste to energy shredder make the whole process easier and smoother.

How? A magnetic separator can extract ferrous metals from the waste stream. A fine shredder bears less work load and lower power consumption because the primary shredder have done the preshredding in advance. The shredded particles are easier to transport/baled/pelletized. The listed 3 examples show the importance of waste to energy shredding.

Our Take on W-to-E

Wiscon Envirotech is a mechanical manufacturing company that offers waste disposal solutions as well as all recycling related equipment to multiple organizations and companies over the world. A strong designing and engineering team with years of expertise in recycling industry ensures the proposed recycling solutions are practicable and achievable. We aim to make contributions to the world environmental protection and the recycling of municipal solid waste.

To build RDF and SRF production plants, turning waste into fuel, would be the best solution for recycling municipal solid waste in future. This is a successful RDF (refuse-derived fuel) and SRF (solid recovered fuel) production plant we have designed and built for our client

Waste to Energy Shredding

RDF Site

To build an RDF production line, you will need processes of sorting, primary shredding, secondary size-reduction of single-shaft shredder and briquetting. Please feel free to contact us NOW to start your bespoke system.



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