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Waste Processing Machines

May 27, 2021     News

Waste Processing Machine is a powerful compact unit designed for quick shredding of waste and trash. Our equipment is used for the destruction of plastic lumps, purgings, pipes, WEEE, green waste, woods, paper and medical waste in a waste management plant.

Waste Processing Machines

The main advantages of using a shredder for waste treatment:

  • Simplicity and reliability of operation;
  • Uninterrupted grinding process and a high level of safety (there is an automatic blocking of knives);
  • Processing of medical waste of any kind;
  • Reduction in the volume of crushed products by 70%;
  • High performance;
  • The durability of knives made of hardened high-strength steel;
  • Minimum operating costs.

When using a shredder, the costs of a waste management system are reduced by 15-20%. In general, such equipment ensures high-quality processing of products.

Models of Waste Processing Machines

By design characteristics, one-, two- and four-rotor shredders are distinguished. Single-shaft shredders are used for the disposal of thick medical waste, two- and four-shaft shredders – for shredding waste of any size and different hardness. Also, shredders are distinguished by the shape of the knives and the way of functioning, highlighting hydraulic and electrical installations.

single rotor shredder

How to Choose Waste Processing Machines?

When choosing a shredder for waste management, it is necessary to consider the power, capacity, dimensions, noise level and the purpose of the shredder. The specialists of Wiscon Envirotech will help you choose the best option for a shredder, taking into account various factors and your requirements.



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