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News Uniaxial Shredder

Uniaxial Shredder

November 17, 2022     News

Wiscontech Uniaxial shredder is a single shaft shredder with a large internal volume. The hydraulic swing pusher saves about 25% more space in the shredding chamber while the drive power and ram power are enhanced 15%. Unishaft shredder is the best choice when particle size matters.

The Uniaxial shredder is equipped with diameter 400mm rotor with width ranging from 1500mm to 3000mm. The rotor is driven via a high-safety-factor gearbox. The completely closed welded steel construction extends the stability and service life. Other than standard features such as outboard bearings, hydraulic screen cradle, it is also easy to maintain ability and advanced controls. Wiscon unishaft shredder is a world-wide proven industrial shredder.

Uniaxial Shredder

M4250 single shaft shredder

With all the benefits mentioned, an uniaixal shredder can meet various waste recovery and pretreatment in various industries, including waste-to-energy, medical waste disposal, electronic waste recovery and MSW recycling, etc.

The capacity of M4250 is 3-5ton/h for handling RDF and soft materials. The biggest model exceed 10-15ton/h.

In the waste to energy industry, such shredder is used for seconday shredding, which is also known is fine shredding. Turning course particles to finer RDF. Besides, uniaxial shredderare is applicable to a wide variety of recyclable materials, such as pipes, films, woven bags, pallets and all kinds of electronic cable scrap, ICB totes, waste paper, used wood and various organic materials.

According to the crushing materials and the next step of processing needs to choose the appropriate size of screen opening to determine the output size, some materials can be directly recycled after shredding, others can be transported to granulator and other equipment for further refinement.

RDF Shredder for fine shredding

Feature of Uniaxial Shredder

– Adjustable power driven by two motors

– Convenient knife exchanging design

– Front and rear door grant easy access

– Swing arm design

– Adjustable speed

Rigid and whole design



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