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UBC Shredder

February 14, 2022     News

UBC shredder is also known as used beverage can shredder. This kind of shredder machine can turn aluminum-based products into particles for aluminum recycling and waste size reduction.

As aluminum is a 100% recyclable materials, it has a high market value for many recyclers. Used beverage cans and taint tabor are very common in scrap metal recycling. Soda cans normally are collected and pressed tightly by a baler into high density blocks to save space and make it easy to transport.

UBC Shredder

Taint tabor Shredder

Aluminum Recycing Process

Wiscon makes scrap aluminum recycling simple. We are able to size reduce and extract only aluminum, by using the process: Forklift – UBC Shredder – Dust collecting – Magnetic separator – Collection – Furnace. The output size of the shredder is around 60 by 60mm fractions, small enough to enter a furnace. To further downsize the fractions, an aluminum granulator (crusher) can get to 12mm flakes.

UBC Shredder

Aluminum Scrap Shredder Opeartion

The end product of the process can be used and reproduced for

  • Soda cans
  • Foils
  • Sheets
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Window frames and profiles
  • Vehicle parts (engine compartments)
  • Airplane parts

UBC Shredder Applications

Wiscon UBC Shredder is a single-shaft shredder, which allows direct shredding scrap aluminum block. The shredder can be used for all kinds of waste UBC (used beverage can), aluminum beer cans, motor frame, car wheel, Red Bull cans, metal bottles, paint barrels, taint tabor, waste sheet iron, tin cans, aerosol cans, etc. Here is a video of how aluminium waste shredder works:

A used beverage can shredder is a special model of P series industrial shredder. It features direct shredding with horizontal pusher ram keeps the aluminum blocks closed to the rotor. The rotor welded with multiple cutters rotates at 50rpm. The cutters have 2 indexable edges and are easy to replace. The capacity ranges from 1ton up 5 tons with 40mm by 40mm aluminum flakes.

This shredder is integrable to a metal recycling plant, matching to your requirement. Aluminum shredding and sorting systems are engineered to efficiently process various grades of aluminum to achieve exceptional recovery and value.

Scrap Metal Recycling System



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