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News Two Shaft Shredder Price

Two Shaft Shredder Price

January 1, 2022     News

There are many factors that determine Two Shaft Shredder Price: housing materials, components, manufacturing processes, functions, specifications, etc. The price spans from of $10,000 to $200,000. In Wiscon Shredder, we combine the target goal with model selection within your budget.

Scrap metal shredder is composed of shafts, blades, bearing box, housing and rack, power system, electrical control system. The use of two relative motion of the two rotors to shear/tear the infeed materials.

Keep in mind that some suppliers do not adopt double motors with double reducer. This means the power stems from only one motor and gear reducer.  This would significantly reduce the overall costs, resulting in a lower torque thus a lower stability of operation. Two motors are often used in the disposal of household waste, resource recycling, solid waste pre-treatment, where a high torque is essential.

What Factors Determine Two Shaft Shredder Cost

1. Type

Different types of shredder prices are different, from the shredding material can be divided into soft materials, hard materials, metal. It is straight forward to catagorize based on the number of rotors: one shaft, two shaft, three shaft and four shaft, and so on. Generally speaking, the same specifications, the higher the requirements for the strength of the shredder itself, the more expensive.

Under the same power and similar specs, a single-shaft shredder is more expansive than double shaft shredder. A quad shaft shredder is ususally more pricey than a dual shaft shredder.

Two Shaft Shredder Price

IBC Recycling Line in Australia

2. Working principle

The price of the shredder does not tolerate the working principle is also different, such as two-shaft shredder, can be divided into roll and shear type. Relatively speaking, the working principle is more complex and complicated, with more materials, generally more difficult to produce, the sales price will also be higher.

Shredder Price in China

3. Specifications

For the same type of shredder, its specifications are divided into a variety of models, mainly according to the output, power and size. A higher output lies on a bigger model and thus bigger power. The choice should be based on their actual output to choose the right model specifications. Note that the blade thickness plays an important role in output rate, as thickness blades generate course shredded materials.

Two Shaft Shredder Cost

P380 Single Shaft Shredder

4. Shredder Performance

Shredder performance is mainly in the stability, shredding efficiency, service life, but also includes other factors, such as, energy consumption, level of automation, continuous usage and easiness of maintenance. Safety another major factor, if we include CE standard and UL standard, as well as all kinds of lockout device and limit switches for safety.

Good performance of the shredder produces uniform materials, high efficiency, and greatly saving costs with high level of automation and safety. Relatively speaking, the price of equipment is also higher with these aforementioned functions.

Shredder Performance

A shredding line in China

5. Brand influence

Brand factor contributes large proportion of the price factor. The level of production technology, experience, know-hows, accessories, materials render a huge distinction in the final product. The difference includes quality of after-sales service, adds-on, machine performance and service life. In general, small factories can not be compared to big shots, so it is recommended to choose a high-profile brand, and high-profile shredder manufacturers like Wiscon Envirotech will thus be relatively higher prices.

The above 5 factors affect the two Shaft Shredder Cost. For more details and assistance on model selection, please contact Wiscon Shredder (Wiscon Envirotech Inc.).

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