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News Two Axis Shredder

Two Axis Shredder

August 8, 2022     News

Wiscon Two Axis Shredder reduces the volume of industrial, medical and consumer waste, including plastic waste, fiber products, fiberglass, wood products, paper core, cardboard, gypsum board, glass and all other waste products you can imagine. We give out a pratical approach to downsize your scrap and waste.

In short, it is a heavy industrial shredders for quick and continuous crumbling of heavy and bulky objects or biological waste.

It features two forced-feed rotors with extended cutting teeth and a low-speed, high-torque drive to shred and shred large volumes of solid waste with minimal power consumption.

Two Axis Shredder

Shredder in operation

Two Axis Shredder Features

  • Super wide hopper opening
  • Energy efficient dual drives (5kW-135kW)
  • Can be in electric or hydraulic drive
  • Long-life and high-design-factor gearbox
  • Low-noise operation
  • PLC controlled deblocking
  • An addtional of pusher ram avails
  • Optimized knife geometry (e.g. thickness, teeth and materals)
  • Suitable to continuous operation
Double Axis Shredder

DL Series – Wiscon Shredder

The tight tolerances between the disk blades of the rotors and the side-mounted combs prevent or minimize sticking or clogging. This design highlight transfers little or no heat to the material. The cutting blades are mounted on two parallel shafts that are hexagonal and splined in cross-section, which provides greater torque, fatigue resistance and less deflection than conventional keyed shafts. The heads are made of proprietary steel that is heat treated and through hardened, yet allows resharpening of the cutting tips.

The double axis shredder is offered in widths ranging from 600mm to 2200mm as well as in powers ranging from 15kW to 200kW. The power can offer in electrical motor or hydraulic drive.

The shredding machine comes standard in carbon steel and is available in stainless steel with optional intelligent automatic reverse control, ram feeders, extended support legs, special hoppers and standard gravity outlets or transitions for pneumatic collection.

Two axis shredder machine

When primary shredding must be followed by secondary crushing, double axis shredder are often combined with screen classifiers, hammer mills or other crushing equipment also manufactured by Wiscon Envirotech. High tolerances between the cutting surfaces of the twin rotors and the stationary, side-mounted combs minimize binding and clogging, with little or no increase in material temperature.

Shredder Gallery

Two axis shredder has a long list of appliactions, and here is one of them: shredding plastic pallets.



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