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TPU Shredder

June 7, 2023     News

A TPU shredder refers to a machine that destroys TPUs (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). TPUs are a type of versatile plastic material that is commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, footwear, and consumer goods.

TPU waste usually comes in a big lump or cake. Reusing it means saving money! It is necessary to recycle TPU waste, although it can easily melt during high temperature.

While there are shredders available for shredding various types of plastics, including TPU, EVA and PVB, it’s important to note that TPUs have different properties compared to other plastics, such as high elasticity and toughness. In the past, a granulator can generate heat during the process, and as a result TPU melts and overloads the machine.

Wiscon puts efficient shredding as our priority. Single shaft shredders are designed to efficiently break down materials into smaller (40mm), more manageable pieces. More load is shared to the shredder, reducing the load on a granulator. Also, the shredder shaft equips a water-cooling function. All of the above makes it a perfect TPU shredder.

TPU Shredder: How it works

TPU shredders’ rotating blades run at a slow speed, inducing a high torque to break down the TPU material into smaller pieces.  TPU crushers (plastic granulators) are often used for recycling purposes to process waste or scrap TPU regrind, which can then be further processed into new products or materials. By infusing a plastic granulator, the output size could achieve 10-12mm flakes.

If you are specifically looking for a TPU shredder for a particular purpose, it would be best to consult with Wiscon who specializes in plastic recycling equipment for 32 years. With rich experience, we can provide you with more specific information and guide you in selecting the appropriate shredder for your requirements.



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