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News Working Principle of Shredder Machine

Working Principle of Shredder Machine

December 20, 2020     News

A shredder machine is a hydraulic system that propels the material to be processed onto a rotating rotor equipped with blades. The size of the fraction depends on the screen (sieve) installed under the cutting unit. Depending on the size of the screen opening, the size of the shredded fraction can range from 15 to 100 mm.

How Shredder Machine Works?

Here we take a single shaft shredder as an example. Materials enter from A (material Inlet) and fall into B (Crushing Chamber). Next, C Pusher constantly pushes materials in contact with D Rotor. D rotates at high-speed shears and compresses materials in assist of counter knives. Through tearing, fracturing, shearing, processed materials are broken down in the desired size and then are released via E (Screen). The Working Principle of the Shredder Machine is straightforward, as explained. A cross-cut shredder is not explained in this article.

Belt conveyor and material discharge blower are available based on the customer’s requirement. They simplify how shredder machine works. Other options such as enclosed infeed hopper, special screens, special blade and special rotor can be achieved.

Working Principle of Shredder Machine

Crushing Chamber of Shredder

A Video of How Shredder Machine Works

The Components of a Shredder Machine

The core part of the industrial shredder, the rotor, is made of cold work die steel with highlights of high wearability, resistance to corrosiveness, and fine arrangement of knives. All these highlights ensure a sharp cutting edge, achieving a high quality of output. This fine design ensures how the shredder machine works. Other essential components include the transmission system (gear reducer and motor), bearings, screen, safety system, control system.

With our shredder machines‘ great reliability and their ability to handle unshreddable items without problems, they excel in a wide range of applications. where trials and tests with customers’ specific materials are simulated under practical conditions. Our emphasis is always on the customer and on fulfilling each task in the best possible manner.

The Wiscon technology centre enables us to gain important experience and data so we can offer the ideal shredding solution for any given task to our dear customers.  The center shows how shredder machine works best for different materials. Hope our readers understand The Working Principle of the Shredder Machine.

Shredder screen

The Working Principle of Shredder Machine



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