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News The Working Principle of Plastic Granulator

The Working Principle of Plastic Granulator

December 18, 2020     News

Plastic granulators are an important piece of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing factories. Many are using it without actually understanding the working principle of plastic granualtors. When choosing a granulator or shredder, it is important to examine the characteristics of each piece of equipment as well as the needs of your factory.

The Working Principle of Plastic Granulator

Materials enter from A (Material Inlet) and fall into B (Hopper). Next, in C (Crushing Chamber), a rotor that is driven by v-belt and motor rotates at high speed shears and compresses the material in assist of fixed blades. The processed materials are screened and released via D (Screen).

Additional flywheel, belt conveyor and material discharge blower are available based on customer’s requirement. As the machine generates noise, customer can specially order noise reduce model.

What Happens in Crushing Chamber?

There are multiple ways for size reduction equipment to work, and all of them are physical:

Shearing — Means cutting of material. Just like scissors, shearing efficiency depends on the sharpness of the cutting edges working against each other and the tolerance of the space between them. Granulators primarily work by shearing material.

Tearing — Torsional force, involves pulling the material with such force that it comes apart. Some materials like fabric, soft metals, plastics, and tires, are more easily torn than others. Purpose-built tearing reducers are good for reducing mixed waste where small, uniform particle size is not important. A good example is double shaft shredder and pre-shredder.

Among actions, shearing and tearing, they are present when size reduction equipment is used. However, when the cutters are kept sharp and the tolerances tight, the dominant and most efficient physical reaction is shearing.

We choose shredder or granulator based on one condition: each type of material is best reduced by a certain type and configuration of granulator. Different materials have their own physical characteristics which determine how they will react to the reduction process. The Working Principle of Plastic Granulator is actually to comprehend due to their simple structure and transmission system.



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