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News The Workflow of Plastic Washing

The Workflow of Plastic Washing

December 21, 2020     News

The Workflow of Plastic Washing involves 3 plastic washing machines. Any plastic recycling line, it is necessary to have pre-wash, main wash and rinse three processes. Each process is similar in functionality but each comes with a different approach and focus. Other than getting rid of contaminants, such plastic recycling equipment meets the guidelines of low consumption and high efficiency.

Workflow of Plastic Washing

The pre-wash is the very step to remove the attachment of sand and soil on the stream materials. If the stream materials are not highly contaminated, a pre-washer can be shipped. In pre-washer for plastic, a large number of impurities such as sands, soil and labels. If there is no process, many impurities on plastic bottles, agricultural films and big bags go into the main washing process, there will be two adverse effects. First, these impurities will consume a lot of cleaning detergents, forming extra dirty water; second, these impurities will quickly thicken the cleaning agent, affecting the cleaning effect.

prewasher for big bags

The main wash is to remove oil, glue(adhesive), sinking materials like metals. This part is conducted via sink float washing tank which is also known as plastic float sink tank.

We fill the sink-float tank by water for agricultural films and big bags, because we want to separate contaminants.

We fill the sink-float tank by salt water to realize density separation. This help separate plastic bottles. Also, we mix and clean the PET bottles at 95-98 ℃ caustic soda solution for more than 30 minutes. The solution softens and peels off the glue from plastic bottles. In the end, the washed materials go through a dewater machine or go through rinse to remove all detergents and water.

The Workflow of Plastic recycling is the same as washing clothes, which also requires three processes: pre-washing, main washing and rinsing(dewatering). Wiscon understands the workflow of Plastic Washing and would guides our customers to select to best plastic washing line.



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