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News The Must-haves in a Recycling Plant

The Must-haves in a Recycling Plant

August 1, 2020     News

Either running a recycling plant or going to set up a recycling business, long term profit and sustainability are what we care. Regardless of competent employees and the complexity of waste, let’s have a closer look at our machines, especially at those that can increase our efficiency the most.

Crusher and Shredder

While most companies use crushers for copper wire, they’re also great for destroying materials into plastic, wood, and metal. In addition to a crusher, every recycling facility should have either a two-shaft or four-shaft shredder as a primary size reduction. Remember materials go through shredder first then crusher. The main difference between a crusher and a shredder is their speed and the size of the output. Wiscon Crushers are faster and break down the material to extremely small particles, while shredders are slower and leave larger particles. A productive Wiscon dual shaft shredder should take care of most of the volume reduction jobs.

Magnetic Separator/Eddy Current Separator

Whether your facility primarily handles metal recycling or not, you should have a magnetic separator to help you sort out ferrous materials from nonferrous materials. If you’re searching for metal objects to recycle, a magnetic separator or belt magnetic separator will do all the hard work for you and discard anything you don’t want. Alternatively, if you don’t handle metal at your facility, a magnetic separator will sort smaller ferrous materials efficiently and allow you to sell them to another facility.


No recycling facility is complete without at least one baler, and most have more than one. There are several variations of balers, but the traditional baler is about 60cm wide and used to compact materials like cardboard, PET plastic, and paper goods. Additionally, some balers are common for condensing material like aluminum cans(UBC), while others can condense large materials like radiators.

Before you can consider the essential machinery for recycling facilities, you must identify what waste your facility mostly handles. If you work with various materials, you might need one of everything and then some. If you handle the only meta, you might need just a few along with some metal shears and magnets. In general, the main pieces of equipment mentioned above are the bare minimum every recycling facility needs in their arsenal. At any time, please consult with Wiscon for a systematic recycling solution.



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