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News The Importance of Confidential Destruction for a Business

The Importance of Confidential Destruction for a Business

September 25, 2020     News

Many businesses do not have a clear clue of Confidential Destruction. They are combined with large amounts of private and essential information. Lots of documents are mandatory to be kept for at least 5 years according to tax regulations. Therefore, most companies store records of business accounts, financial reports, employee records, client information, etc.

In fact, the ability to keep detailed data is important in a business’s success. Nowadays, no one lives without data and records. A sheet of paper may not seem valuable to the average person, but business documents are seen as extremely valuable to many criminals.

If a person were to take a sneak peek into a business’s trash bin, they would probably find letters, bank statements, tax information, and other private documents. If this information were to get into the wrong hands, an innocent person could find themselves to be the victim of identity theft very easily.

Confidential Shredding Video

Don’t Let it Slip

While simply throwing away an old document may seem like a negligible action, identity thieves and commercial criminals often utilize this type of opportunity. Many identity thieves will actually dig through a business’s waste, hoping to find one private document that somehow escaped the shredder.
A single piece of paper inking personal information is dangerous because an experienced identity thief can do lots of illegal activities with a name and address. However, lots of companies do not emphasize such a problem, believing an office shredder can solve it all.

How Does Confidential Waste Shredding/Data Destruction Protect Businesses?

Confidential shredding makes sure that all personal and corporate confidential information is destroyed. When destroying documents, the paper is cut into thin strips or other small pieces like 40mm*40mm. Even the most elite identity thief would have no way to recover these pieces. The shredded pieces are scrabbled in an industrial shredder so the shredding machine leaves no chance for possible data leaking.

How does Confidential Waste Shredding/Data Destruction work?

The shredding machine we talking about is not the shredder in the office, we are actually referring to an industrial paper shredder. It consists of big rotors driven by 2 high-power motors. The screens are installed beneath the rotors.  Paper can go into machine hopper in bulk either by forklift or manually deliver. Once the papers are broken down between rotors, the pieces smaller than the screen opening exit from the screen.

data destruction

industrial paper shredder

What are the benefits of Data Destruction?

As mentioned before, other than protecting your information, data destruction brings an alternative fuel to a power plant or a paper pulp factory. Turning paper waste into useful products.

Paper Recycling Machines

We are proud of our superior standard of recycling machinery that keeps them being one of the leading companies in the recycling equipment industry. If you need further details about secure destruction of confidential materials, or other recycling machinery, welcome to visit our website and feel free to contact Wiscon.

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