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News The Composition of Plastic Waste – Latest Analysis Year 2020

The Composition of Plastic Waste – Latest Analysis Year 2020

November 3, 2020     News

What source of the industry creates most of the plastic waste?

There is a huge increase in plastic consumption in our daily lives. Plastic waste can be divided into commercial and industrial wastes. Many of these plastic products are single-used. That is, they are thrown away after one-time usage. For example, disposable plastic packaging, food container, cup, tablecloth and hand gloves are the regular items.

The Composition of Plastic Waste: Pre-use and Post-use Plastic

Other types of plastic waste include pre-use and post-use plastic. Pre-use plastic is mainly rejected products that do not meet the criteria in terms of size, colour, hardness and other properties. This also includes the byproducts like flesh and sprue during the process of plastic product manufacturing (e.g. molding, blow molding, thermal forming).

Post-use plastics include plastic bottles, pails, casing; rigid plastics such as pipes and moldings, plastic foams or expanded polystyrene; and flexible plastics such as strapping, fishnet, cable sheathing, film and wrap.

The Composition of Plastic Waste

As long as the plastic waste is properly labeled, collected and sorted, they are a hugely valuable resource. From the following graph of the composition of plastic waste by business sector, we see the biggest source of plastic trash attributes to packaging, followed by textiles, other sectors and consumer & instructional products at 42, 38, and 37 million tons respectively.

The last 4 contributing factors are transportation, electrical, construction and machinery. We can see the products that have a longer service life account for a way lower amount of waste. However, packaging (plastic films) and textile (clothes with plastic polymers) contribute the most, especially the former.

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